Big Brother 25 crowns its first Head of Household

Julie Chen Big Brother 23
Big Brother fans may get to see more of Julie Chen Moonves this winter. Pic credit: CBS

The first Head of Household for Big Brother 25 has taken power.

Producers have done things differently this season while leaning heavily on the multiverse theme.

Before the HOH took control, the BB25 nominations were set on Day One.

Jared Fields, Kirsten Elwin, Felicia Cannon, and Cory Wurtenberger got nominated.

The nominations were decided based on how four separate challenges turned out.

While it took some power away from the first HOH, it also allowed them to escape making too many enemies in Week 1.

Big Brother 25 gets underway

The Big Brother live feeds turned on late Wednesday evening, revealing an intriguing BB25 alliance that had already given itself a name.

The feeds also showed Cirie Fields making her alliance and sneaking into a conversation with her son, Jared.

For fans unsure of who she is, here is a breakdown of Cirie’s history in reality television.

The first set of Have-Nots from the BB25 cast was also decided soon after the premiere episode ended.

The houseguests then went to bed late and started getting more comfortable with each other on Thursday (August 3).

Midway through the day, the feeds went down as the houseguests participated in a challenge to figure out the first HOH.

Who won the first HOH Competition on Big Brother 25?

The first Head of Household is Reilly Smedley. When the feeds turned back on, she wore the HOH key around her neck.

As the HOH, they get an upstairs room and are guaranteed safety from being evicted that week.

Usually, the HOH nominates two people for eviction, but it’s working differently for the Big Brother 2023 season.

The HOH may decide which two people remain on the block, giving them a choice between Kirsten, Felicia, Jared, and Cory.

More details on Big Brother 25

The second episode of Big Brother 25 airs at 8/7c on Sunday, August 6.

CBS is skipping Thursday night (August 3), giving the producers extra time to put together the Sunday installment.

Within the schedule, the first Eviction Ceremony is set for Thursday, August 10.

A new feature is available this summer that provides free Big Brother feeds to fans. It’s an advancement that serves the same purpose as Big Brother: After Dark.

Episodes of the show are available for streaming on Paramount+ after they have debuted on CBS.

The streaming service also provides access to classic seasons from the past, including the ones referenced in the Scramble-verse.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Deborah Gresch
Deborah Gresch
10 months ago

Why would you give it all away / when some people like watching tv.