Big Brother live feed videos: Cirie secretly meets with Jared, sets up Day One alliance

Jared BB25
Big Brother 2023 houseguest Jared Fields. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother live feeds have already revealed many made-for-TV moments.

And the producers will have extensive footage to choose from when putting together the August 6 episode.

As soon as the feeds were turned on, the first alliance of the BB25 season was revealed.

Nobody wanted to be the first person to go to bed, so many people were still milling around and chatting in the early morning.

Survivor legend Cirie Fields joined the BB25 cast at the end of the premiere episode, and she was busy forming bonds late Wednesday evening.

That’s what her son needs – fellow BB25 cast member Jared Fields.

Jared is one of the four Week 1 nominations on Big Brother 25 and is at risk of going home early.

Cirie sets up an early Big Brother alliance

Cirie was working hard as soon as she popped the champagne.

Survivor fans have seen her in action before, and it’s why she did so well on the first season of The Traitors USA.

She knows how to talk to people in a game setting and ponders every decision before taking action.

Cirie worked at setting up a four-person alliance on the feeds – it was a quick way to grab some power on Wednesday night.

That alliance features Cirie, Felicia Cannon, Kirsten Elwin, and Mecole Hayes.

Yes, that’s two of the Week 1 nominees for eviction, but there is plenty of time before the first Eviction Ceremony to shake things up.

Below is an image of the ladies beginning to strategize. It also didn’t hurt that Felicia was the one who suggested they to Jared, which Cirie can now use to her advantage later.

Jared and Cirie talk about game and strategy

The video below has Jared finding time to chat with his mom. This was the first time they had a one-on-one chat to catch up on the day’s events.

Jared and Cirie whisper a lot in the chat, but they talk about Cirie being confident she has the votes to keep him in the game.

It all happened shortly after 1 a.m. PT in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother fans can now watch the BB25 live feeds for free. It provides access to the houseguests outside of the CBS episodes.

Paramount+ is streaming the current season, and the service has access to past seasons.

For Big Brother fans who want to check out Cirie Fields playing Survivor, her seasons are also available on Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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