Big Brother 25 cast list: Release date revealed?

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Big Brother fans and host Julie Chen Moonves will have a busy week. Pic credit: © Harris/AdMedia

The Big Brother 25 cast will debut during the August 2 episode.

But fans want to know the names of the houseguests earlier than that.

The delay of the Summer 2023 season has been a form of torture for some fans.

It had been expected that episodes would begin in early July, but CBS pushed the show to the first week of August.

And now a strong hint about when the Big Brother 25 cast will get revealed has come out.

This follows the unique BB25 house tour that was released last week.

What is the drop date for the Big Brother 25 cast?

Mike Bloom from Parade Magazine was asked if he could reveal the day the BB25 cast will be announced.

He answered that question on Reddit with the post below. Fans can look at his response. His response is explained later in this article.

Mike Bloom Reddit
A Reddit post by Mike Bloom has Big Brother fans talking. Pic credit: Reddit

Readers should look at the first letter of each sentence that Mike wrote. He seems to be sending a message through that post.

Possibly using a code, Mike indicates that the BB25 cast release date is Monday, July 31.

That would allow fans to learn about the houseguests roughly 48 hours before the August 2 premiere.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the Big Brother 24 cast was released the day before the first episode.

Producers have teased that this is also an all-new group of houseguests playing the game.

More news from Big Brother

In addition to teasing the first twist this season, the producers revealed what looks like the BB25 Have-Not Room. It appears to be a very uncomfortable place to sleep this summer.

Fans have long wanted the producers to bring back Have-Not Competitions and now leave it up to the HOH to decide them each week. Having them ask for volunteers is far less exciting than watching people compete to escape eating slop and taking cold showers.

Since the Summer 2023 season will be the longest in history, bringing back challenges and formats from the past could keep people interested as fall episodes begin rolling out.

Below is part of the Head of Household Challenge that kicked off Big Brother 24. It was a bit messy as BB Fest began, and the theme of that new season was introduced.

An early look at the BB25 episode schedule is out. Fans can set those calendars.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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