Big Brother 25 twist revealed in unique house tour

Britney Haynes BB12
Britney Haynes may return to the Big Brother house again. Pic credit: CBS

Danielle Reyes, Frankie Grande, and Britney Haynes have revealed the Big Brother 25 house.

The trio of Big Brother alums filmed a segment that will impact the BB25 cast significantly.

Within the three-minute video shared below, Britney, Frankie, and Danielle break into the Big Brother house.

The premise of their sequence is that the trio wants to change events from the past.

Only something goes wrong with their “time laser,” and it changes the look of the entire Big Brother house.

And wow, do the beds in that potential Have-Not Room look uncomfortable. It pops up near the end of the video below, with one of the beds resembling a piece of cheese.

The return of Danielle, Britney, and Frankie

“WATCH OUT. These Big Brother legends broke into the #BB25 house and unleashed this season’s twist… what do you think it all means?” reads a new note from the Big Brother social media accounts.

Danielle (BB3), Britney (BB12 and BB14), and Frankie (BB16) have damaged the Big Brother house due to their shenanigans.

The segment feels like something out of a comic book, where the trio went back in time but ended up entangling the BB25 house with past seasons.

The house is shown cracking, changing, and evolving into a mismatched combination of themes and ideas from past seasons.

What happened? Many fans already have theories, and intriguing to think about how everything could play out.

More from Big Brother 25

The early Big Brother 25 TV schedule was released by CBS, showcasing which nights the new cast will star on.

It has been advertised that this is an entirely new group of houseguests, but players from the past will directly impact the season.

There are many fun ways to integrate Big Brother alums, such as having them host challenges or drop in to present the twists.

CBS also revealed that the Big Brother 25 season was extended, making it the longest season the show has ever had.

Soon the BB25 cast reveal date arrives, when fans will get to read the bios of the new players.

And former houseguests even gave the BB25 cast advice on how to play the game and handle the stresses that come with it.

Past seasons of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+, Hulu, and Netflix.

Using Paramount+, fans can watch Danielle Reyes (BB12), Britney Haynes (BB12 and BB14), and Frankie Grande (BB16) during their respective seasons.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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