Big Brother 24 spoilers: New jury member, a new HOH coming

Turner As BB24 HOH
Matt Turner had a chaotic week as the Head of Household. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 has a new member of the jury and is working toward a new Head of Household, following a very dramatic episode of the show.

On Thursday night (September 1), a lot of the new episode revolved around Kyle Capener and comments that he made earlier in the season, but they also had some business to attend to.

After Michael Bruner won the Power of Veto again, he used it at the Veto Meeting to save Brittany Hoopes from the block. That forced Turner to name a replacement nominee who would sit next to Taylor Hale.

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Turner put Kyle on the block, meaning the Eviction Ceremony would force the five voters to decide on the next member of the BB24 jury being either Kyle or Taylor.

A House Meeting did seem to nudge Turner in a specific direction when it came to the nominations, but could Kyle find a way to save himself with the help of former allies?

For folks who haven’t seen it, Alyssa Snider also broke up with Kyle on the live feeds, though their relationship may have been rebounding before eviction night. Here is an unedited video of that breakup.

Who got evicted on the September 1 episode of Big Brother 24?

During the Eviction Ceremony, Michael, Alyssa, Terrance, Brittany, and Monte (in order) all voted to evict Kyle Capener.

Kyle is now the fourth member of the BB24 jury, where he will hang out with Jasmine Davis, Joseph Abdin, and Indy Santos until finale night. Regarding the jury, here are some photos and a video from the jury house.

Who is the new BB24 Head of Household?

Though host Julie Chen Moonves said it would be a “live” HOH Competition, leading viewers to believe it would all take place during the Thursday night episode, it only got started for the final seven houseguests.

The challenge consists of racing to finish a puzzle, and Turner is watching the other six people compete. The results will likely be available on the Big Brother live feeds later in the evening, with the challenge getting taped to be shown during the September 4 episode.

In other reality competition show news, a brand-new Amazing Race cast was just revealed. The group includes a Big Brother showmance that formed in the BB23 jury house.

There is more reality TV news, as the Survivor 43 cast was announced by CBS. The latest season was filmed in Fiji and will air on Wednesday nights this fall.

For upcoming episodes of Big Brother 24, here is an updated TV schedule for those episodes. There are some interesting changes, including a Friday night episode.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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