Big Brother 24 jury house photos, video revealed

Jasmine Evicted BB24
Jasmine Davis is now a part of the Big Brother 24 jury. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 24 jury house released some photos from the past week, showing Jasmine Davis and Joseph Abdin hanging out with their new roommates.

Jasmine and Joseph were the latest BB24 cast members to get evicted, and they were sent to the jury house to relax until it is time to vote on the Big Brother 24 winner.

Indy Santos became the first member of the jury this summer, so she had a week at the jury house on her own before the big Double Eviction episode.

Now, the first trio of BB24 jury members have posed for some photos so that fans can get a look at what they are up to – and it appears a lot of relaxation is in the cards.

The trio also took part in a social media game to create a video for fans to get to know them a little better. For fans of this trio, it could be a fun viewing.

While they are out of the game, the jury members will return for the season finale, where the $750,000 prize will be given out.

BB24 jury house photos

Six photos at the jury house were shared that feature Indy, Jasmine, and/or Joseph in them. They are on the Instagram post below and you can scroll through them.

Some fans have noticed that Joseph’s smile appears to be gone.

BB24 jury members play a game

This or That: Jury House Edition is played by the three houseguests in the video below. The point of the game is to go toward the answer they have picked for each choice. It is typically done while dancing and faking out the audience is a given.

Looking ahead, there have been some changes to the Big Brother 24 episode schedule. It includes a Friday night episode coming up soon, and the season finale airs on a Sunday night this time around.

Only one of the remaining houseguests can win the grand prize, so the drama is only getting started for this group of players. A new player will be heading to the BB24 jury house after the September 1 Eviction Ceremony, where they get to relax in the sun for a few weeks.

For any Big Brother fans who haven’t seen it, here is the new Amazing Race cast for Fall 2022, which includes a showmance from the BB23 cast and a few other notable celebrities.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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