Big Brother 24 spoilers: Backyard Veto Meeting results

Terrance Power BB24
Terrance Higgins is in a power position on Big Brother 24 now. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers about that backyard Veto Meeting may have just been released.

For quite a while, the Big Brother live feeds for Dyre Fest have been down, leaving subscribers a bit miffed about missing so much of the game.

The house was split into two groups, with one group of five people living inside and playing one game (BroChella), and the other group getting sent to the backyard to live for the week (Dyre Fest).

Something happened on Saturday (August 20) that led to the live feeds getting turned off for the people in the backyard, meaning the normal revelation of what happened at the Veto Meeting didn’t become public.

Now, some intriguing Big Brother spoilers may reveal that something surprising happened at the Dyre Fest Veto Meeting, suggesting the plans of the HOH have changed.

Head of Household Terrance Higgins was targeting Joseph Abdin for eviction, but this was only after publicly stating he wanted to break up the showmance of Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider.

Dyre Fest Veto Meeting spoilers

According to something just shared on Twitter, Terrance used the Power of Veto to save Matt Turner from the block. And if this rumor is true, it means the new nominees are Kyle and Joseph.

With Kyle and Joseph on the block, anything could happen, but it looks like Terrance is now targeting Kyle for eviction, and it could come down to a tiebreaking vote where the HOH has to decide the next member of the BB24 jury.

Dyre Fest BB24 Veto Meeting
Terrance reportedly used the Power of Veto on BB24. Pic credit: @BBGossip/Twitter

What happens next on Big Brother 24?

If these Big Brother 24 spoilers are correct, Alyssa and Turner will vote on whether to evict Kyle or Joseph. Alyssa might stick with Kyle and vote against Joseph, and Turner would vote for Kyle since he is closer to Joseph.

If the vote is tied 1-1, then Terrance gets to take charge and decide who the next member of the BB24 jury is going to be on Thursday night (August 25).

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Daniel Durston and Paloma Aguilar hung out together after leaving the Big Brother house. the duo was friendly in the game, and may be continuing to have fun together out in the read world.

We also have video from the live feeds of Kyle Capener revealing The Leftovers alliance. He did it as a way to possibly save his game, but it could lead to some consequences.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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1 year ago

Kyle is such a little boy in all his actions. But Alyssa is such an airhead that she might not have noticed it.