Big Brother 23 winner: Who has the best odds from BB23 cast to win?

Big Brother 23 Hannah
Hannah Chaddha still has a chance to win Big Brother 23 this summer. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 23 winner will be decided before the end of the month, with the BB23 jury getting to vote on who will take home the $750,000 cash prize.

The only people left in the running are members of The Cookout alliance, which has dominated nearly the entire season of the show.

With only six people left in the game, there are definitely some clear favorites when it comes to getting named the winner, but the BB23 jury will have the final say this summer.

Ahead of Big Brother 23 coming to a close, there are some updated odds from Las Vegas in regard to who has the best chance at getting the confetti dropped on them.

Odds on who wins Big Brother 23

The following numbers are the betting lines presented by Bovada for the Big Brother Summer 2021 season. The number denotes how much money a person would win if they were to wager $100. So, for instance, the +175 on Kyland Young signifies that if a person bet $100 on Kyland to win BB23, they would win $175.

Currently, Kyland and Xavier Prather are tied when it comes to the best odds of winning the $750,000. It’s also a bit humorous to see how much of a longshot that Azah Awasum has become, even though she could easily make it to the final five and beyond.

  • Kyland Young +175
  • Xavier Prather +175
  • Hannah Chaddha +400
  • Tiffany Mitchell +400
  • Derek Frazier +1600
  • Azah Awasum +3500

Some big nights coming up for Big Brother 23 cast

There are a number of really important episodes left on the Big Brother 23 schedule this month. We have another Double Eviction, two Friday night episodes, and then a two-hour season finale that will wrap up the season.

Host Julie Chen Moonves will have a lot to talk about during finale night and before that, we are going to get to hear from the BB23 jury house. This will be an interesting season when it comes to the jury votes, with many fans interested in finding out if people will be bitter based on the way that things have turned out.

And speaking of the jury house, Sarah Beth Steagall released a new video where she showed off the mansion and how much she has enjoyed having her own bedroom and bathroom. It’s fun seeing what the jurors are up to and very soon they will get two new housemates thanks to a Double Eviction.

Great news came out from CBS in regard to what is next for the reality competition show. A Winter 2022 season of Celebrity Big Brother has been ordered and it means we will get to enjoy some new people in the house before the Big Brother 24 cast plays the game in Summer 2022.

There are also two names that have already popped up in BB Celeb 3 rumors. Stay tuned, because it won’t be too much longer until we learn some names for sure.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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