Big Brother 23 winner predicted by Frenchie? Watch as he answers new questions for fans

BB23 Frenchie And Julie
Frenchie is outside of the Big Brother 23 house and sharing his thoughts on the game. Pic credit: CBS

Brandon “Frenchie” French has predicted who he thinks could be the Big Brother 23 winner this summer based on how well they are playing the game. The recent evictee from the BB23 cast answered some new questions about his time in the game and touched on a number of interesting topics.

By an 11-1 vote from the rest of the BB23 cast, Frenchie became the second person to get sent home this season. The self-professed “super fan” ended up being a primary target after he tried to create too many alliances and burned bridges with people close to him during the first week.

“Best time I had in the house? Definitely the competitions. Getting splattered with paint, sliding all over the place with suntan oil… it was a blast and everything I thought it could possibly be,” Frenchie stated at the opening of a new video that was posted online by the show.

Shared below is what amounts to a new interview from Frenchie, as he answers some specific questions and goes into detail about how he played the game this summer. It’s definitely an interesting segment that fans of his should watch.

Frenchie answer new Big Brother questions

“Do I think I played too hard, too fast? Definitely. Definitely played too hard, too fast. I came in like a wrecking ball and instead of just taking out a brick, I kinda took out the whole house. But I wouldn’t change anything,” Frenchie said when talking about how hard he played during Week 1.

He also stated that he planned on holding to his final two deal with Derek Frazier until the very end. Later in the video, Frenchie talks about who he feels is playing the best game and he went with Hannah Chaddha. He thinks that she is playing a smart game and collecting information in the right way to go far this season.

Could Hannah become the Big Brother 23 winner? We will all have to stay tuned in and see how the summer 2021 season plays out.

More Big Brother 23 news

A lot has happened inside the Big Brother house following the exit by Frenchie. Xavier Prather is the new Head of Household and he already has a target for eviction in mind for Week 3 on BB23.

The houseguests have played in a new Wildcard Competition and we have the results.

The BB23 cast also took part in another Nomination Ceremony where Xavier revealed the Week 3 nominees.

The nominees will have a shot to save themselves during the upcoming Veto Competition and using the Power of Veto may be the only way for one of them to escape getting evicted on July 29.

For fans of Brandon French who want to watch even more content from him, Frenchie did several extended exit interviews that can be watched here. He has definitely had a lot to say about his experiences with Big Brother.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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