Big Brother 23 rumors: Did Kyland steal a ring from Derek Frazier?

Kyland Evicted On BB23
Kyland Young got evicted and finished in fourth place on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 rumors have a lot of fans debating about what happened the night that Kyland Young got evicted from the house.

And no, we aren’t talking about the argument between Kyland and Xavier Prather, even though Kyland says he does not regret the words he used.

This particular topic is a ring that Derek Frazier gave Kyland to wear on eviction night, presumably as a promise that Kyland was going to be safe.

As we all saw on that fateful episode, Derek instead voted to evict Kyland from the Big Brother house, making Kyland the eighth member of the BB23 jury.

Did Kyland steal Derek’s ring on Big Brother 23?

It was during the last Veto Ceremony of the season where it is suspected by a lot of Big Brother fans that Kyland pocketed Derek’s ring. As seen in the video clip below, Kyland does take a ring off his finger and places it in his pocket as he realizes that he is about to get evicted from Big Brother 23.

Later that evening, Derek was seen searching for the ring on the Big Brother live feeds, stating that it was one that his father had given to him.

For any Big Brother fans who aren’t aware of it, Derek’s father is the former heavyweight champion, boxer Joe Frazier.

It’s possible that Kyland simply placed the ring in his pocket and plans to return it to Derek on finale night. He may have just taken it off at that moment and then got blinded by his anger as he was getting sent out the door.

Host Julie Chen Moonves addressed what Kyland said in a new interview and also spoke about what he was like with her during the commercial break that followed his eviction.

Below is a video of Derek talking about Kyland and the ring after the eviction took place.

Big Brother fans have mixed reaction to Kyland Young and the ring

Below are some posts that have been made on social media in regard to the situation between Kyland Young and Derek Frazier. Some Big Brother fans understand what Kyland did, while others are not pleased with it at all.

Kyland Young will return for Big Brother 2021 finale night

During the Big Brother 23 season finale, we will see Kyland Young take to the Big Brother stage again. He is now a member of the BB23 jury, so he will get to vote on who becomes the Big Brother 2021 winner.

It will be interesting to see what Kyland has to say about the season and if the situation with the ring is addressed. If he doesn’t get ahead of this, it is certainly going to hurt Kyland’s legacy in Big Brother even further, possibly damaging his opportunity to come back on a future season.

Big Brother 23 finale airs Wednesday, September 29 at 9/8c on CBS.

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theyre both racist af so its par for the course. karma baby ;)