Big Brother 23 house tour: Julie Chen Moonves hints at filming

Julie Chen BB Interview
Julie Chen Moonves is back for a brand new season of Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 23 house tour might be coming a tad later than during a regular summer season, but it appears that host Julie Chen Moonves just left fans a heavy hint that it is on the way.

The huge news from this week, so far, has been CBS revealing the BB23 cast list. Viewers now know the 16 people who are playing the game this summer and it looks like a good group of people.

They aren’t going to start playing the game yet, though, giving the producers some additional time to advertise and create buzz for the summer 2021 season. And that definitely includes the upcoming Big Brother house tour.

It was previously reported that the show is working with a new theme for the season and for the house itself. There is also going to be a casino theme that makes itself very obvious during the season premiere.

When will Big Brother 22 house tour be revealed?

“It’s so nice to be back in this chair working on some things because we’re one week away from #BB23 !!! RT with your favorite Big Brother gif,” Julie Chen Moonves wrote as the caption to a new image that she shared online.

The image shows Julie having her hair done as she gets ready for some Big Brother filming. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that they were getting her ready to film the new Big Brother house tour in order to show it to the fans before the first episode rolls around.

Sure, she might be teasing something else, but this falls right in line with when a house tour would be shared with viewers to give an early look at what the houseguests will be dealing with for the entire season.

As for when it will come out, Friday, July 2 seems like a good day, as that would allow the cast to breathe for an entire day first. But we will all have to wait and see for sure.

The Big Brother 23 season premiere coming up quickly

Big Brother 23, Episode 1 airs on Wednesday, July 7 at 8/7c on CBS. It is a 90-minute season premiere and there is going to be a lot of action playing out during a live move-in.

On the table will be a really important Head of Household Competition that will also dictate who becomes safe for the week and who receives early punishments.

According to the producers, the BB23 cast is also going to be split up into teams based on who wins challenges during the premiere. Teams will be used through the first few weeks of the season before the houseguests start playing on their own.

There is also a huge Big Brother twist coming at the end of Episode 1, with the producers hinting that it could really shake things up. We are hoping that when Julie does her house tour, that she fills in some more details on how that might work.

Stay tuned, because as soon as the full house tour is shared, we will make sure to pass it on.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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