Big Brother 22 drama: Keesha Smith goes off on Holly Allen in Twitter tirade

Keesha Allen In BB22 House
Keesha Allen was on Big Brother All-Stars 2020. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 drama continues to take place on social media, with Keesha Smith now going off on Holly Allen in response to her posts while Keesha was still in the house.

Now that Keesha is home — sorry fans who were hoping for a Battle Back — she has the chance to post about her experiences on Big Brother and respond to social media posts about her.

It looks like she is now responding to some comments that Holly Allen from Big Brother 21 may have made about her on Instagram.

The claim is that Holly said Keesha and Memphis Garrett are not All-Stars. Maybe this came from a belief that she should have been invited to play on Big Brother All-Stars this summer instead of Keesha?

Keesha Smith addresses Holly Allen

In the post shared below, Keesha completely went off on Holly and spoke about her own history on the show.

It’s not really one of those safe-f0r-work types of posts, so keep that in mind before you read it.

Keesha Vs Holly
Keesha Smith posts about Holly Allen on Twitter. Pic credit: @KeeshaAllen0801/Twitter

In that tweet from Keesha, the “racist men” she is referring to are members of the Big Brother 21 cast. During the season, Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews were accused of that due to their gameplay.

As a reminder, that was the season where David Alexander was immediately targeted with the other people of color right out of the gate. Some say it was racially motivated and others say it was just coincidental.

Nicole Anthony was also on that season and she went through a lot of bullying at the hands of the lead alliance (which Holly was a part of). Nicole is already posting on social media after her exit from BB22.

Was that really Keesha Smith from Big Brother who made the post?

A lot of people have been in disbelief that Keesha would be showing this type of emotion online after she had a very quiet participation in Big Brother All-Stars.

Her account quickly addressed a fan asking about it by saying, “Damn right it is real!”

Real Keesha
Keesha Smith responds to a Big Brother fan. Pic credit: @KeeshaSmith0801/Twitter

These social media posts are just the latest out-of-the-house drama that has taken place in regard to Big Brother 22.

Quite a few houseguests have been addressing the BB22 cast, including Evel Dick Donato saying Derrick Levasseur ruined the season, Josh Martinez admitting he was pre-gaming, and Kathryn Dunn saying she was frustrated by petty gameplay.

Evel Dick also recently posted that he didn’t understand why Daniele Donato has been lying so much.

Stay tuned, because this could get very interesting if Holly Allen responds.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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