Big Brother 2021 spoilers: Who got voted out during Double Eviction?

The Cookout On BB23
The Cookout alliance tried to get everyone to the final six during Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2021 spoilers now include who got voted out during the first Double Eviction episode of the summer.

The BB23 cast is going to experience a second Double Eviction next week, but first, they had to go through a busy night that determined who would make it to the final six this summer.

For most of the 2021 Big Brother season, The Cookout alliance has dominated the game. Tiffany Mitchell helped put together an alliance that seemed almost unstoppable and they maneuvered things to get everyone in the group to the final seven.

As the night began, we all knew that Claire Rehfuss was in danger of becoming a BB23 jury member early in the episode, but we had to tune in to find out how the rest of the Double Eviction would go for them.

Who got voted off Big Brother tonight?

As expected, Claire Rehfuss was voted out of the house at the first Eviction Ceremony of the evening. The BB23 cast sent her out the front door on a 4-1 vote, taking the show down to its final seven houseguests for the summer.

After playing out a week’s worth of Big Brother in less than an hour, it was then time for the second Eviction Ceremony of the evening. This would be the person heading to the BB23 jury house with Claire and someone we will get to see during an upcoming jury house segment.

Hannah Chaddha was the person who won the HOH Competition and got to choose who would go up on the block and be at risk of joining Claire in the jury house. She nominated Alyssa and Xavier when she was put on the spot. Xavier won the POV and took himself off the block, so Hannah then put Kyland next to Alyssa.

At the eviction, it was a 3-1 vote to send Alyssa Lopez out the front door. Alyssa became the fifth member of the BB23 jury and The Cookout has made it intact to the final six.

Important news and notes about Big Brother

We have a live report here of what is taking place with that HOH Competition on the feeds. Someone is going to take the power and they will then have to nominate two people for eviction before we get to see the next episode of the show take place.

A new Celebrity Big Brother season was just ordered. CBS is bringing back its celebrity spin-off and that could give fans a lot of entertainment this winter. Could that lead to a Big Brother superfan from *NSYNC taking part in CBB3?

Keep in mind that there have also been a lot of changes made to the Big Brother schedule at CBS, so make sure to double-check dates and times for upcoming episodes. A Friday installment has been added and there is a Sunday upcoming with no episode.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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