Beverly Trill Billies gets green light as Basketball Wives star Tami Roman gets her own show

Tami Roman on Basketball Wives
Tami Roman will show another side of herself on Basketball Wives spinoff

Tami Roman recently revealed that she’s getting her own Basketball Wives spinoff. Beverly Trill Billies is the name of Tami’s upcoming show and she’s excited to show viewers a side of her that they haven’t seen before.

The upcoming Basketball Wives spinoff was revealed during an interview with Life & Style. Tami explained that she’s looking forward to her own show after a very dramatic season of the VH1 hit that didn’t paint her in the best light.

“I think it was time. I’ve been a part of the Basketball Wives franchise since 2010 — and it hasn’t been for lack of trying to have my own situation, because we tried several times,” Tami explained.

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“But I do also think it’s just a matter of timing,” the controversial star continued. “They say, ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans,’ and I think you have to do things when it’s ordered by him — not to get too spiritual.

When it comes to timing, Tami says now is great. “But I feel like it’s the right time for this moment to happen because people have seen me one way on Basketball Wives for so long and eventually that takes its toll on public perception of you,” she said.

The premise for Beverly Trill Billies is taken from the 60s hit Beverly Hillbillies. Tami explained that for the new spinoff, they are blending her family with that of her boyfriend Reggie Youngblood.

Tami’s own daughters were raised in the city and know all about living in LA and that lifestyle. However, Reggie’s family is from Houston and she thinks that bringing them to LA as they blend their family will make for good TV.

“I’m thankful that the spin-off is coming now because I get to show the many different facets and dimensions that aren’t actually seen on Basketball Wives,” Tami shared.

“You know I have this great guy, I have great children, I have a great career, I do a lot of philanthropy work, I’m involved socially in my community and outreach programs and I have an amazing blended family, and so it felt like the right time to do something like this.”

So far, Tami Roman has been hugely popular on Basketball Wives and even has a fan following of her social media rants that she calls The Bonnet Chronicles. There’s every reason to believe that Beverly Trill Billies will also be worth watching.

So far, there’s no premiere date for the Basketball Wives spinoff yet.  We’ll be sure to let you know about the start date for Beverly Trill Billies once that is announced.

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