Bethenny Frankel looks like a clown in epic contouring video

Former RHONY star, Bethenny Frankel leaves fans laughing from TikTok contouring video.
Bethenny Frankel tries contouring in hilarious TikTok video. Pic credit: Bravo

Bethenny Frankel is an entrepreneur who has mastered the art of balancing business, philanthropy, and entertainment to become one of the most recognizable names in pop culture.

The former TV personality has a lot going on these days. She’s got her podcast, Just B, where she talks about everything from finances, relationships, and how she landed on reality TV. She’s also the head of her charity, BStrong, who recently raised millions of dollars to support Ukrainian refugees.

In the midst of her busy life, Bethenny also finds time to joke online with her fans. She’s recently got them laughing hysterically with her latest social media post.

Bethenny tries contouring with her makeup

TikTok has become the favorite app for many celebrities lately. The platform has a variety of videos to keep users entertained and even learn new tips and tricks to improve their makeup skills.

Bethenny decided to try her hand at makeup contouring after claiming to have seen multiple videos on the app showing her how it’s done.

In the hilarious video, she begins to dramatically apply her makeup around eyes, purposely doing it wrong and overextending how one would normally do it. She draws two circles around her eyes and uses a heart shape around her mouth. She then sticks a beauty blender sponge on her nose to mimic a clown.

With a serious face, Bethenny asks, “What do you think?” as she shows off her work. She jokes, stating, “I mean, I really do see a difference” after saying watching all the videos has really helped her figure out how contouring works. 

She captioned her post, saying, “I finally figured out contour.”

Fans immediately filled Bethenny’s comments with laughing emojis and compliments on how funny she was in the video. One fan commented, “Sweet Jesus I thought you were serious for a second…I screamed no Bethenny.”

Another fan simply joked, “Nailed it” which made Bethenny laugh as well.

Fans of Bethenny Frankel comment on her hilarious contouring video.
Fans comment on Bethenny’s hilarious video. Pic credit: @bethennyfrankel/TikTok

Is Bethenny returning to TV?

The Real Housewives of New York has announced that for Season 14 they will reboot the show and likely bring back some OG housewives. While the direction of the reboot is still unclear, Bravo is hoping the popularity of some former housewives will entice viewers to tune in again.

After the announcement was made, Bethenny’s name was mentioned as fans became hopeful that the reality star would return to the franchise. With her businesses and charity doing great things, and her love life going strong, she would have a lot to share on the show.

Bethenny addressed rejoining the show on her podcast. She didn’t give a definitive answer on whether or not she’s interested. She mentioned that she’s not really sure what this reboot is about or how it will work. This may be a reason why she’s not so quick to agree to come back to the show.

The Real Housewives of New York is currently on hiatus.

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