Bethenny Frankel blasts Kim Kardashian’s skincare line with a scathing product review

Bethenny Frankel and Kim Kardashian
Bethenny Frankel is not a huge fan of Kim Kardashian’s skincare line. Pic credit: ©

Bethenny Frankel is quickly becoming one of the most-respected beauty bloggers on TikTok thanks to her honest reviews of both makeup and skincare as she reveals which brands, both drugstore, and high end, are “at the level.”

And when it comes to Kim Kardashian’s new SKKN skincare line, according to the former RHONY star, it’s definitely not at the level.

This is a stark contrast to a lot of other celebrity reviews of The Kardashians star’s brand as she has received a lot of compliments on the new line. Still, Bethenny has quickly become one of the most trusted reviewers out there so it’s pretty safe to say that her opinion on Kim’s SKKN line probably stings a little.

Calling it “a new era of skincare,” Kim Kardashian’s SKKN brand claims to be cruelty-free, paraben free and is formulated without gluten, sulfates, phenoxyethanol, and BHT, & PEGs. It sounds pretty expensive already — and it is!

The complete collection can be purchased together for a discounted price of $575, which is nearly $100 off for a total of nine products. Or you can purchase each individual product, with the cheapest one being the face cleanser at $43 and the most expensive being a tie between the night oil and oil drops, each costing $95.

Bethenny Frankel isn’t impressed with SKKN

Bethenny captioned the video, “And the most impractical packaging award goes to…” The review didn’t get much better.

Bethenny started off her review by telling viewers that she only purchased two products. Perhaps she was having a bit of sticker shock, too, but she got the exfoliator and the eye cream, two products she claims to be very familiar with in terms of quality and what works well.

Starting with the eye cream, Bethenny took aim immediately at the packaging, which she called “bulbous,” and complained that it doesn’t work because she doesn’t have a “circular house” and “it doesn’t stack.”

“It doesn’t even have a flat bottom, so it’s effectively like an egg,” Bethenny said of the eye cream packaging.

Then, switching gears to the exfoliator, Bethenny said it was “crazy” as she turned the product around so we could see the “gigantic” packaging. According to Bethenny, you’d have to “be a billionaire” to use the exfoliator because it would be so hard to pack efficiently that she thinks you’d need a private plane just to carry it.

The B Strong boss went on to compare the packaging to a Rubik’s cube, clicking it back and forth before revealing a tiny amount of product inside compared to the enormous packaging.

When it came to the actual products themselves, Bethenny described the white granules in the exfoliator, comparing it to Proactive and pointing out that many skincare brands use them. And while she likes that type of exfoliator, she said it is “unlikely” worth the money.

She described the eye cream as having a “melted butter consistency,” and while that sounds fabulous, Bethenny still wasn’t all that moved. She said it’s not “ultra-rich,” especially considering the price tag. She put the final dagger in her review by saying that the eye cream is okay, but it’s “not Kardashian rich.”

That review may just hurt Kim Kardashian’s bottom line. Considering the post has been viewed 1.2 million times, liked more than 84,000 times, and has more than 1800 comments, it’s a safe bet that Kim has seen it, though she did not leave a comment.

Bethenny Frankel knows how to sell a product

What makes Bethenny Frankel qualified to review others’ products? Well, she’s been pretty successful in business and knows how to market a product. Not to mention that one can appreciate her practicality.

Recently, Bethenny shared a new product she has coming out, her Forever Young brand rosé, which will be in stores in 2023. To get the word out, Bethenny hosted a party where she served the new wine beverage and then shared a video clip as she and her guests danced and had a blast while drinking the wine.

Bethenny also opened up recently about her departure from Real Housewives of New York, explaining that her departure did not have anything to do with money. While she was scraping to make ends meet when she first joined the show, she certainly wasn’t when she left after several lucrative business ventures, including her infamous Skinny Girl brand, took off and made her very rich.

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