Bennett Jordan not surprised by Clare and Dale’s breakup – Says it obviously wasn’t meant to be

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Bennett Jordan attends a Harvard 2021 graduation party to pose for pictures and hand out roses. Pic credit: ABC

Clare and Dale had one of the quickest proposals on The Bachelorette and, despite breaking up and getting back together several times, the pair ultimately decided to call it quits permanently. 

Clare and Dale’s public split got The Bachelorette fans talking and it also got stars within The Bachelor franchise weighing in as well, like Clare’s former suitor Bennett Jordan. 

Bennett Jordan competed for both Clare and Tayshia’s love on The Bachelorette Season 16 and got an up-close and personal look at Clare and Dale’s rushed relationship on the show. 

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Bennett recently shared his thoughts on Clare and Dale’s breakup and why it didn’t surprise him. 

Bennett Jordan gives his take on why Clare Crawley and Dale Moss didn’t work out 

While speaking with Us Weekly, Bennett spoke about his experience and elimination on The Bachelorette as well as Clare and Dale’s tumultuous relationship and split. 

Regarding Dale’s quick proposal, Bennett shared, “I think that the entire rush on the proposal and everything was, you know, that’s a function of a lot of elements going on and I’ll just leave it at that.” 

Bennett offered up the reason he thinks Clare and Dale may have hit a wall in their relationship stating, “I think there’s two different coasts. I just think that it was a timing thing and perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. Obviously, it wasn’t meant to be. I don’ think it’s anything, like, not against either one of them.” 

While Bennett thinks Clare and Dale were not meant to be, he still thinks highly of both of them. Speaking about Clare, Bennett shared, “I love them both and Clare deserves the best. She is a very heartfelt woman who has her s*** together and deserves the best, but it wasn’t meant to be with Dale.” 

Bennett is also a huge fan of Dale and gushed about him during the interview. 

Bennett stated, “I think they’re both beautiful people. I love Dale. When I was on the show, I met Dale and I was like, ‘This guy is a stud and I f****** love you.’ It’s not just his beautiful skin and the way he has those green eyes that look like Kaa from the Jungle Book. He is a really heartfelt good guy.”

Bennett says he’s dying to have kids of his own 

Bennett has moved on, after falling for Tayshia Adams on The Bachelorette and getting eliminated, and he now has a new relationship with a yoga enthusiast. 

Bennett seems to see a lot of potential in him and his girlfriend, Emily, starting a family and he cannot wait to have children. 

Bennett shared, “I’m dying to get married. I’m dying to have kids. I can’t wait and we do have a nine-year age gap, so I want kids, like, tomorrow. I cannot wait. I don’t want a puppy, I want kids. I’m 37.” 

It seems starting a family is the next step for Bennett as he expressed about his girlfriend, “I feel like Emily is so emotionally sound, so thoughtful, such a caretaker, such a lover and she’ll be an incredible mother so that’s the next step for me.”

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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