Bennett Jordan claps back at critics after showing his shaved teeth

Bennett Jordan
Bennett Jordan debuted on The Bachelorette Season 16. Pic credit: @bennettandrewjordan/Instagram

Bennett Jordan’s recent attempt at humor backfired among viewers. 

Bennett shared a controversial video with his Instagram following.

The Bachelor Nation star gained his increased following of 174k after appearing on The Bachelorette Season 16 with Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams. 

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In an attempt to pull back the curtain of the perfectly curated photos often shared on Instagram, Bennett shared what his teeth looked like before receiving pearls white veneers. 

The Bachelor Nation star joked about his shaved teeth, with some finding his reference to drugs offensive. 

Bennett disagreed with critics and let them know in the comments. 

Bennett Jordan shares his teeth before veneers 

Bennett Jordan took to Instagram to share a video joking about a “brain on drugs,” which several viewers found to be insensitive. 

The video began with a sun-kissed photo of Bennett posing with his head out the window in sunglasses as he showed off his chiseled jaw. 

Over the flattering photo, Bennett wrote, “This is your brain..”

The following clip was Bennett in a dentist’s office smiling with his shaved teeth with text on top that read, “this is your brain on drugs.” 

Bennett captioned the post, “In an Instagram world of fake famous and false impressions, consider this your reminder not to take yourself so seriously??.”

Bennett Jordan slammed for his video 

In the comment section of the joke, a reactor, who also professed to be a psych nurse practitioner, shared that while Bennett may have been joking, the humor still came off insensitive towards addiction and promoted a stigma. 

Other followers agreed as the commenter further explained, “it’s the comment about how he looks like he’s on drugs due to his teeth. That’s the problem.” 

Bennett Jordans' comments
Pic credit: @bennettandrewjordan/Instagram

Bennett encouraged the commenter to unfollow him as he responded, “it was not lost on me that a small subset of the addiction community might come after me for this post, and if you do not get that it’s a joke, I would kindly ask you to unfollow, keep commenting if it serves you, find your humor elsewhere, and quite literally (like my caption) quit taking yourself so seriously.” 

Bennett also claimed that he “consulted a former addict prior to posting.” 

Bennett Jordans' comments
Pic credit: @bennettandrewjordan/Instagram

After receiving more backlash and being called fake famous by a critic in the comments, Bennett doubled down on his stance that people were taking his video and themselves too seriously. 

Bennett Jordans' comments
Pic credit: @bennettandrewjordan/Instagram

Bennett also suggested that those accusing him of being cringe were also being cringey with their responses. 

As of now, Bennett’s video is still up on his Instagram, and some viewers praised him in the comments for being raw by showing his shaved teeth before veneers. 

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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