Ben Higgins shades past Bachelorette leads, only has glowing comments about Michelle Young

Ben Higgins smiling
Ben Higgins shaded past Bachelorette leads with his comments about Michelle Young. Pic credit: @higgins.ben/Instagram

Ben Higgins, a fan favorite in Bachelor Nation and the co-host of the Almost Famous podcast, has given a glowing review of Michelle Young as The Bachelorette.

However, his comments were not without some controversy, as he appeared to shade past Bachelorette leads. While he called Michelle “one of the legendary Bachelorettes,” he claimed other leads “don’t ask any questions, they just kind of sit there and smile and then start kissing them [contestants].”

He went on to say, “Some previous leads here recently, it felt like we went the whole season without ever getting to know the cast and a lot of that’s on them.”

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Ben was giving his opinions during a recent interview on Us Weekly’s Here For The Right Reasons podcast. The former Batchelor said he considers a good lead to be someone who is “inquisitive and curious,” “doesn’t react,” and who “analyzes and kind of navigates the drama.” He thinks Michelle is doing this very well, and her good questions are the reason we’re getting to know the guys so well.

Though, looking back at Ben’s season of The Bachelor, it’s hard to know if he is being slightly hypocritical.

Considering the fact that he told two women, he loved them during the finale, there probably isn’t much room for him to judge other leads of the show.

Ben Higgins is rooting for Rodney Matthews

So, who is Ben rooting for to win Michelle Young’s heart? He really likes Rodney Matthews and compared his experience with lacking confidence during The Bachelorette to what Rodney may be going through.

Ben explained, saying he felt like when he went on the show that he “didn’t belong,” and he hopes Rodney “takes that jump from, like, lack of confidence to the confidence cause he knows he belongs, and you can see him thrive.”

Ben doesn’t understand why Clayton Echard was named The Bachelor either

As for the next Bachelor lead, Clayton Echard, Ben is just as surprised as everyone else at the choice. He said he doesn’t necessarily dislike Clayton but doesn’t consider him a “likable character.” Though, he did say Clayton is “Fine. He’s good.”

Ben and his fiance Jess Clarke will think about kids in a couple of years

With his wedding to Jess Clarke just days away, Ben let listeners know when the pair would start thinking about babies (though, perhaps we should let them walk down the aisle first.)

Ben claimed his “ideal” timeline would be about two years when they would start thinking about it. Though, he did say, “we will have a family,” whether or not the kids are biological or not.

Ben explained his reasoning, saying he wants some time with Jess after they’ve been abstaining from sex for three years. Well, that is some restraint for sure.

Hopefully, their first fantasy suite after the wedding is what they always hoped it would be.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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