Below Deck’s Chef Nick blasted for ‘misogyny’ amid Paris drama

Chef Nick Tatlock on Below Deck Season 11
Chef Nick hasn’t made the best impression on Below Deck fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck newbie Chef Nick Tatlock has been blasted for how he spoke to Paris Fields and his words about other women.

The most recent episode of Below Deck didn’t paint Nick in a good light at all.

It was only the chef’s second episode since he stepped in to replace Chef Anthony Iracane.

Below Deck fans have been vocal regarding their feelings about Anthony being fired.

Now as viewers see more of Nick, Below Deck fans are not impressed. At all.

X (formerly Twitter) was on fire during the episode, with critics calling out Nick for his words and behavior.

Below Deck’s Chef Nick Tatlock blasted for ‘misogyny’ amid Paris Fields drama

“Nick is giving misogyny, and Paris is the wrong one to try #BelowDeck,” read an X, telling Nick to check himself.

Another simply referred to Chef Nick as “Chef D**k.”

One X said it would be well deserved if Paris wanted to murder Nick, something he said on the show.

“Chef what’s his name saying Paris should clean a toilet shows he’s misogynistic & what he thinks a woman’s role should be. Such an a**. #BelowDeck,” said an X.

A different one used a GIF from the show Psych declaring, “Hold Me Back” after Nick proclaimed Paris should get back cleaning toilets and sinks.

There was an X that mentioned the various things Nick said about women and his slamming of the crew, but Anthony got fired.

Below Deck fans take aim at Fraser Olender over Chef Nick Tatlock complaints

Meanwhile, X was also coming for Chief Stew Fraser Olender after he complained about Nick to Captain Kerry Titheradge.

“It feels to me that you don’t want to work with him like you did with Anthony. I just feel a different energy with you since he got here. Thank you, Captain. Like chef just got here and Fraser’s already finding a reason to complain about him?” wrote an X user.

Another brought up that perhaps Nick just doesn’t want Fraser’s advice.

One even reminded Fraser that he wanted Anthony fired.

“Hi Fraser. ♥️Chef who was so kind to everyone is gone & new chef (with no panache & a demeaning bad attitude) is what you got. #BelowDeck,” said the X.

Less than a handful of episodes remain in Below Deck Season 11 but Chef Nick Tatlock has brought a new level of drama and chaos to the show.

Fraser has created more drama with his kiss with charter guest Steven. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Below Deck fans want the tea on what happened with them after the show.

What do you think of Chef Nick?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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1 month ago

He reminds me of Chef Cows cheeks. Same vibe. Know-it-all. Don’t like him at all. HOWEVER, I agree that Frazer asked for this!!