Below Deck spoilers: Cat and Barbie drama, Jared gets real, and crew night out chaos

Jared Woodin on Below Deck Season 11
Jared gets real with the crew on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck spoilers reveal that the first crew night out on Season 11 will not disappoint.

Season 11 kicked off with a bang that included a group of sexually charged charter guests and crew chaos.

Now, Below Deck fans will see the crew bond and lose control on the first crew night out of the season.

Before the crew night out, though, Below Deck viewers will see the aftermath of Fraser Olender trying to smooth things over between Cat Baugh and Barbara “Barbie” Pascual.

Thanks to a sneak peek from Bravo, we know things pick up right where they left off on the next episode, with the three stews talking.

Although the talk goes south, Fraser and the ladies manage to bring it back around to the positive, with Barbie and Cat even hugging it out at the end.

Unfortunately, the hug was all for show, and these two are not here to be friends.

Cat and Barbie are over each other

Despite Fraser’s best efforts, Cat and Barbie go their separate ways in a huff. They made it look fine to Fraser, but they go off on each other in their confessionals.

Barbie declares she’s over Cat, who does nothing but talk back to her. Cat, for her part, makes it clear that if Barbie keeps dishing it out, she will give it right back.

They are both brought up on a split screen just in time to call the other one a “b***h.” A flip of the scene shows Cat telling Xandi Olivier they are all good even though she knows they so are not.

Jared gets emotional and crew chaos erupts

Later, the St. David crew heads out for their first night on the town. Jared Woodin has all eyes on him as he opens up about his daughter, whom he has actually never met.

The bosun gets emotional, explaining how he was dating someone and things were not good. Then she got pregnant and, according to Jared, left for Alaska before telling him about the baby.

After a year without communication, Jared touched base with her to learn he was a father. Since then, he has FaceTimed with his daughter multiple times a week.

Jared got emotional, revealing his daughter told him she loved him for the first time a few weeks ago.

A flip of the scene shows Captain Kerry Titheradge having dinner via video chat with his lady love before returning to the crew at the club. In true Below Deck fashion, the group gets crazy drunk and dances the night away, leading to some potential hook-ups.

Once back on the St. David, the stage is set for some crew shenanigans that definitely involve some making out. It’s no surprise that Ben Willoughby gets some action considering Ben’s boatmance ways.

Below Deck fans must tune in to find out the other crew members who get busy on the first night out.

To watch the full Below Deck Season 11 sneak peek, click here.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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