Below Deck fans blast ‘messy’ Ben Willoughby for stirring the pot

Ben Willougby on Below Deck Season 11
Ben has Below Deck fans in an uproar already. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans have blasted deckhand Ben Willoughby for his messy behavior and stirring the pot on Season 11.

Ben came in hot for his second stint on the hit yachting show after not being given the bosun role.

Instead, he returned as a lead deckhand, immediately taking issue with Bosun Jared Woodin.

Ben isn’t necessarily wrong for his treatment of Jared, who doesn’t seem to be able to hack it as bosun.

What he is wrong for, though, is stirring the pot between stews Cat Baugh and Barbie Pascual.

Ben’s actions have Below Deck fans coming for him, just like Fraser Olender did in the most recent episode.

Below Deck fans blast ‘messy’ Ben Willougby for stirring the pot

X (formerly Twitter) was on fire, with Below Deck fans taking aim at Ben over his recent behavior.

“#BELOWDECK: ben is such a little b***h. this is why i didn’t want him back this season. he’s messy and he was involved in camille girl drama last year,” read one comment.

Messy Ben was one hot topic, with a user expressing love for the lead deckhand while also exposing his actions.

Another simply just let it be known that Ben was being messy and stirring the pot.

Ben being a “b**ch” was mentioned more than once on the social media platform.

“Ben is only stirring the pot between Barbie and Cat so he can get some female attention #BelowDeck,” said an X user.

More Below Deck fans sound off on Ben Willougby meddling in stew drama

There was a comment about Ben meddling in the girl’s drama because that’s what he likes to do with the ladies.

Ben’s gossiping was brought up also because, let’s be honest, he acted like a middle-aged schoolgirl.

“Trusting Ben is an issue.  I didn’t like.him last season  and like him even less this season. He’s gonna be trouble.” wrote one user.

A different comment declared Ben was wrong, but Cat was too, for running to Fraser to tattle on Barbie.

Speaking of Fraser, he was given props for going straight to Ben and telling him to basically stay out of the interior drama instead of stirring the pot.

“Between Jared and Ben. Not sure who’s actually worse.  #BelowDeck,” stated an X remark.

Ben Willougby isn’t making the best impression on Below Deck fans.

After all, we just got rid of Kyle Viljoen and his pot-stirring ways on Below Deck Med. We don’t need it on Below Deck Season 11.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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