Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Sydney Zaruba shared her before and after makeup look

Sydney Zaruba
Sydney Zaruba shared her New Year’s look with fans which included how she looks without makeup.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Sydney Zaruba rang in the new year in Spain where she shared a video of herself before and after getting ready for celebrations.

In a short video, Sydney drew attention to the way she looked before putting on makeup followed by her finished and polished product where her hair and makeup were done and her outfit was chosen.

Sydney said she made the video to draw attention to how good her makeup looked for the night but followers also got to see what she transformed from.

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Sydney Zaruba of Below Deck Sailing Yacht shared what she looked like with and without makeup

Sydney made a video highlighting her New Year’s Eve look before going out, and the video included the beginning of her getting ready process where she didn’t have on any makeup.

Sydney’s video started out with her bare-faced before she whipped her hair and head in one direction and the video showcased the final look of the evening.

While she didn’t film the actual transformation process, followers got to see her before and after.

Sydney’s caption for the video read, “The makeup was too good to not share up close. The transition however was mediocre, did this on the fly in a friends bathroom after I realized I never took an “after” shot.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers criticized Sydney Zaruba’s behavior on the show

Sydney aggressively pursued Gary King during Season 2 of Sailing Yacht even though he was torn between getting with her or Alli Dore on the first night the crew spent together.

Gary gave in and the pair hooked up but Sydney caught major feelings for Gary afterward. Gary realized that he made a mistake and wanted to go for Alli so he lied to Alli and said he and Sydney didn’t have sex.

While Gary was after Alli and Alli wanted to explore her feelings for Gary, Sydney was ever-present in trying to get Gary to like her and even went so far as to tell Alli that she loved Gary.

In the end, Sydney backed off enough for Gary and Alli to hook up and the three of them did the crossing together wherein Gary and Alli’s relationship was short-lived.

Since filming, Sydney has advanced her travel agency business and started a podcast called Nautical Nonsense Pod.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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