Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Barrie Drewitt-Barlow teases family reality TV show

Is Barrie Drewitt-Barlow and family getting a reality TV show following Below Deck Sailing Yacht stint?
Reality TV fans may not have seen the last of Barrie Drewitt-Barlow and his modern family. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht, charter guest Barrie Drewitt-Barlow has teased a family reality TV show could be on the horizon.

Fans have mixed opinions regarding Barrie and his family. Some felt the group was over the top, entitled, and demanding. Other viewers found their shenanigans and drama quite entertaining.

The group consisted of Barrie, his ex-husband Tony Drewitt-Barlow, and their five children. Barrie’s fiancé Scott Hutchison and Tony’s boyfriend, Brent, also joined the group for the trip.

People’s interests are certainly piqued about the modern family, especially since Barrie keeps responding to accusations and claims via social media. He has no problem speaking his mind. Barrie defended the tip amount he left the crew and blasted chief stew Daisy Kelliher for spreading lies about his family.

Is Barrie Drewitt-Barlow and family getting a reality TV show?

Barrie and his family have left the Parsifal III, but the nine-person group hasn’t let go of their reality TV dreams.

No, the Barrie Drewitt-Barlow family isn’t headed to one of the other Below Deck installments. They are in talks to get their own gig.

In the comments section of one of his Instagram posts promoting Below Deck Sailing Yacht, a fan praised the family and asked if a new reality TV show was coming soon.

“Thank you love x not sure yet, currently talking, but who knows,” Barrie replied.

Barrie Drewitt Barlow teases family TV show.
Pic credit: @BarrieDrewitt-Barlow/Instagram

The rest of the comments sections was filled with users reiterating the family needs their own show immediately. Barrie simply showed those remarks love but didn’t divulge any other information.

Will the Drewitt-Barlow fill the Kardashian/Jenner void?

Barrie’s Instagram post that got the family reality TV show rumors buzzing revealed that Below Deck Sailing Yacht beat Keeping Up With The Kardashians ratings. The episode was the second one featuring the Drewitt-Barlow family and involved the poach egg fiasco.

Tony and Barrie lived with their children in Britain for years before retreating to Tampa to escape the spotlight. One of the reasons the family valued more privacy was because of Tony’s cancer battle.

Now it seems like Barrie and his family are ready to take reality TV and the spotlight by storm.

Since Keeping Up With The Kardashians is ending in a few weeks, perhaps the Drewitt-Barlow family can fill the void left by them on E! Both families are over the top, have a ridiculous amount of money, and no concept of, well, reality.

Do you want to see Barrie Drewitt-Barlow and his family on their own reality TV show?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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