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Below Deck recap: The Trevor is a moron and gets fired (thank God) edition

Kelley and Ben confront Trevor after he bad-mouths the military Below Deck Season 4 Episode 4
Kelley and Ben confront Trevor after he bad-mouths the military Below Deck Season 4 Episode 4

This week’s Below Deck on Bravo picked up where last week left off, with obnoxious deckhand Trevor getting too drunk and acting like an ass on the crew’s night off.

“Trevor is this belligerent little redneck. I’m just not into it,” Ben says. “He’s a hair model, what do you want?”

They leave one bar to go to another, and Trevor gets out of control on the trolley. He wants to fight, and he’s alllll about calling names.

“I’ve got a PTSD f*****g marine as my f*****g bosun,” Trevor says.

“His buddies died in the f*****g military. Who gives a f**k? They signed up for it,” Trevor rants, full volume, oblivious to the fact he’s horrifying literally everyone on the crew.

“You’re not a f*****g yachtie – you’re a joke,” Kelley tells him, when he finally loses his temper, and they send him to get a hotel room. No room on the boat for a**holes.

The next morning, it’s up to Kelley to fill in the captain on Trevor’s late night antics. But Kate tips him off when he’s hunting for his radio.

“Well, you can use Trevor’s radio cuz he’s not on the boat,” Kate tells him.

“I think it’s best if Kelley tells you how it ended,” Kate tells Captain Lee, by way of explanation.

“He got wasted again…” Kelley tells the whole sordid tale to the captain.

“Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, people say one thing…” hard to believe the captain isn’t taking Kelley at his word on this one, but I’m assuming he’s got to interview everybody for Human Resources reasons.

“Hey Lauren, go see the captain,” Kelley tells her. No need for Kelley to worry – everybody describes Trevor’s behavior the same way.

“He’s like a ticking time bomb,” Nico tells Captain Lee. “He’s a f*****g hothead.”

“Thank you for your input. I will deal with it. One way or another,” Captain Lee tells Nico.

“I think he deserves one more chance,” Ben says. Of course you do. Would somebody please slap Ben? He just likes having drama.

“So we should wait until he actually kills someone?” Kate asks. I agree with Kate on this one. In the service industry, you cannot wait for three strikes to get rid of somebody or it can hurt your business. Even if nobody dies.

Trevor wanders back to the yacht, coffee in hand, like he didn’t do anything wrong. And he goes straight to Captain Lee.

“I know you probably know what happened last night…I was a hair model…,” Trevor mumbles not making a whole heck of a lot of sense.

“What?” Captain Lee asks with a straight face.

He explains that people don’t understand what he’s trying to say – like U.S. Marines deserve to be dead, right? Clearly his meaning was ambiguous. Not!

“I think this isn’t the right place for you at this point in time. I’m going to give you an opportunity to resign and leave the boat on good terms,” the captain says, humanely. And he tells him to say his goodbyes and apologize to people.

“Where is the crew apologizing to me?” Trevor wants to know. Why would anybody apologize to him, I want to know.

“You should go back to being a f*****g hair model,” Kelley says after Trevor gives him a half-ass apology.

Lauren and Nico looked like they were going to dance when they heard Trevor got fired.

“I don’t know who could come in and replace me. It’s going to be tough,” Trevor says in interview. Truth is, he’s such a dick that literally anybody could replace him. Or rather, his presence will not be missed.

“I think it’ll be smoother without him,” Kelley says. #MasteroftheObvious

“It better be,” Lee isn’t joking. Kelley got a free pass on this one, but he won’t if it happens again. It’s his job to manage the deck crew.

The preference meeting for the next charter is funny. It’s a group of entrepreneurs who think they are foodies. The primary might be, but the rest are just pretentious, nouveau riche trash. IMHO.

“Look at that small boat,” a guest jokes, pointing to a yacht that’s only 60 feet or so.

“It’s a 5-percenter,” another responds, meaning they are in the “one percent”. Bully for them.

“We’re making more money right now than most people make in a year,” the obnoxious bald guy says. I want to reach through the screen and hit him.

They have a super-picky menu request list. One guest only eats fish, and the water has to be a pH of about 7.5. Bahahahaha! That’s snotty at a new level.

The guests want a 12-course tasting menu, and Ben starts freaking immediately, recruiting half the damned crew to hold his hand in the kitchen.

“We should be starting at 3pm,” Kate jokes. “Ben is stressed.”

Kate’s having Wi-Fi issues. Too bad she was eventually able to connect. Maybe if her girlfriend had dumped her for lack of communication, the poor chick wouldn’t have been allegedly beaten up and bitten by Kate shortly after filming ended. #NiceMugshot

Soooo…Sierra is really passionate about juice. She’s yachting to earn enough to make juice. You can’t make this s**t up. And according to Ben, the lemonade she makes sucks. There’s not really a lot of hope for her. I hope she marries a nice rich man.

“Sorry Sierra, but you’re dumb as a box of rocks,” Kelley jokes after “fixing” the juicer by plugging it in. That was a toughie.

The guests are creepy. They joke about having parties where women service them in front of the primary guest’s teenage daughter. They make borderline inappropriate remarks to the female crew.

“I’m getting a strange vibe from these people…this feels like D-list Quentin Tarantino characters,” Kate says.

“Emily, if something should happen to my wife…” the bald guest succeeds in creeping out sweet Emily. I was gagging.

The picky guest can’t (or won’t) eat some of the items on the 12-course tasting menu, so they serve her an entrée-sized salad to compensate. But she’s not happy. Ben should have done 12 alternative courses for her.

“No, I don’t want to stare when they get other courses. I’m disappointed,” the guest who eats nothing says.

What a pain in the ass! And then she says she doesn’t like raw fish. Fish is the only thing she eats so if she keeps this up, Ben’s just going to kill her.

And then she says: “I’m not picky.” WTF???

“At this pace, with 12 courses, we’ll be here till midnight,” one of the guests complains. True that!

But Ben says nobody but the primary charter guest matters, and he’s still eating happily.

Kate decides 12 course meals are “genius” because all the guests are exhausted and go to bed right after dinner.

Sierra is all boohoo after dinner service and she wants to go home. I wish she would.

C’mon, she’s pretty much a moron. She can’t be unused to making mistakes and getting called on it. She’s not THAT pretty. Obviously, she’s going to be held accountable for stupid, avoidable mistakes. Like taking FOREVER to make one freakin’ salad.

But…Sierra needs positivity around her.

“I cannot deal with this. It’s so f****d up,” Sierra says. Seriously, nobody has done anything to her. They’ve actually been pretty nice as she’s goofed up one thing after another all evening.

“If you’re sensitive, stay out of the f*****g kitchen,” Ben says, outside her hearing.

“This negative energy is not for me,” Sierra says. She’s a quitter. This reminds me of Rocky. Didn’t Kate joke that Rocky grew up being told she was the best at everything? “You’re the best waker-upper ever, Rocky!”

Nico starts competing with Kelley for Emily’s attention. It’s all friendly, for now. But teasers for next week show it could start to get uncomfortable once everybody is drunk.

I’m just relieved that Trevor is gone.

Coming next week on Below Deck…

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