Below Deck recap: The Trevor is a disaster and vomiting dog edition

Trevor gets a talking to by Kelley over his drunken antics on Season 4 Episode 3 of Below Deck

Last week, Bravo’s Below Deck ended with egomaniac deckhand Trevor saying the boat wasn’t big enough for him and Nico. Or him and Bosun Kelly. Basically, a harbinger of doom for the group working on the outside of the yacht this season.

This week’s episode begins with Trevor oversleeping, after his drunken binge the night before. And Nico venting to his girlfriend on Skype. But he’s a team player and he’s not going to let it interfere with his work.

“Trevor f****d up. He got wasted, ran his mouth. When you start crossing personal boundaries, even in your off time, it’s not going to fly,” Kelly said.

Sierra manages to leave the big roller iron on, again, and succeeds in burning sheets. She says the iron is really confusing. Bahaha!

The new charter guests are yachties, which forces the crew to up their game if they want another good tip. But they don’t.

Kelly takes Trevor aside to address his drunken antics the night before. It goes as expected.

“Last night was unacceptable…” Kelly demotes Trevor from Senior Deckhand.

“You can try to demote me but you’re not going to get me down,” Trevor says in interview. The guy’s bravado outmatches his interpersonal relations skillset completely. He’s a disaster.

“If I see anything happen, I will push to see you gone,” Kelly warns him.

I wish Nico would have kicked his ass off the top bunk, too, now that he doesn’t outrank him. But Nico isn’t looking for drama. Dammit.

Kelly gives the breakdown to Captain Lee, including Trevor’s demotion, and gets a pat on the back for good judgement. Only a matter of time till the captain gives Trevor a plane ticket home. The guy is a jackhole.

The new guests have a dog named Scupper who eats gourmet people food. He also only likes large boats. And they have to ferry him ashore to do his business on the beach. Ben is predictably thrilled to be cooking for the pooch. And they ask Kate to steam the dog’s outfit for dinner. You can’t make this s**t up.

Both couples have their own yachts that they dock “a Grey Poupon bottle toss away from each other”. #Barf #JealousAsHell

Emily says providing excellent service includes taking care of the dog. She’s a good sport cleaning up the dog vomit.

The clambake on the beach goes well, but it’s immediately apparent the dog is the star of the show for these guests. Then the guests ask Kate to push dinner to 9pm, but Ben meant for the clambake to BE the dinner, so he has his traditional temper tantrum.

“Three things you can count on in life. Death, taxes, and Ben getting angry when asked to cook food,” Kate says, when he throws a fit.

Then they argue while the guests watch from down the beach. Ben storms off and radios for a tender to pick him up. It’s probably the least professional behavior I’ve ever seen out of either one of them in front of paying clients. Sheesh! It was so bad it prompted the guests to ask Ben if he was okay as he took his leave.

“He’s just having a diva moment because he feels like he’s going to have to cook more, but that’s kind of the job,” Kate tells the other crew.

“I asked them to move dinner, that’s what they’re talking about,” one of the primary charter guests tell the others. It’s so bad.

“Here’s what’s going to happen, I’m going to talk to the guests because clearly you are terrible at it,” Ben rants at Kate when they all get back to the yacht. And he goes to try to convince them that they only want tapas.

Then he picks a fight with Kate in the kitchen. And they get into a screaming match that can be totally overhead by the charter guests.

“When they’re arguing like that, make sure the door to the galley is closed,” Kelly instructs the other deck crew. Sad he has to tell them that. Sad Ben can’t behave.

Later that night, when the deck crew has to unload stuff from the boat, Kelly takes Trever aside to yell at him for being an a**hole again. But seriously, all this crew is doing is fight, and at this point, they don’t deserve a tip.

The guests say something to Kate about Ben being mad at her while she’s serving dinner, and she reassures them she’s happy to make sure everything suits their needs. How embarrassing!

“What we want you to do right now, is go in and tell him we want a full breakfast at 6am,” one of the guests jokes to Kate. Wow.

Later on, Ben tries to make everything right again with Kate.

“It’s not fun arguing with Kate because if I wind her up, she won’t show it,” Ben complains.

Best line of the night goes to former Below Deck stew Amy, Kelly’s sister.

“So let me get this straight, there’s three guys in a hot tub arguing about a tattoo?” Amy puts things in perspective for him when they catch up on a boat-to-boat call. She’s working on another yacht (and dating the captain).

The bubbles of lovey-dovey text messages between Kate and her girlfriend she got arrested for allegedly biting and beating up make me nauseous. #JustSayin

Dinner goes well the second night, with Ben behaving for a change. Then Trevor has to go and f**k it all up, yet again.

“You guys want me to take one with you?” Trevor asks the guests in the hot tub as they start doing shots. And then he breaks the BIGGEST rule on the yacht, and does a shot of booze. I think he knows he’s about to get fired anyway, and DGAF anymore.

The next morning, Trevor sits on his ass, having a ciggy on the dock while the rest of the crew cleans the boat. Then we have the way creepy experience of watching the deck crew spying on the stews doing yoga on the deck in their off-time. #Pervs

They go out to dinner again, because that’s always a good idea with this group.

“Let’s get weird,” Lauren says in her toast. Then Trevor chugs a martini and gets is all over him.

“I could style your hair phenomenally,” Trevor tells Kate, and it weirds out everyone as he claims to have been a hair model for a couple years. After dinner, he starts pounding drinks. Then he babbles incoherently at Kate and Ben, and falls off a swing. Dude is a sloppy drunk.

He does that drunk guy thing where he tries to pick a fight with Ben, then he tells him he loves him, then he gets pissed when Ben doesn’t love him back. Gotta credit Ben for holding his temper as Trevor got in his face.

Looks like Trevor survives the night, but teasers show it all hitting the fan on the next charter. Can’t come a minute too soon!