Below Deck Mediterranean: Bobby flips after Danny calls him and Bryan “butt buddies”

Bobby Giancola on Below Deck Med
Bobby Giancola loses his cool on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

On Below Deck Mediterranean tonight, things get heated when Bobby totally flips after Danny calls him and Bryan “butt buddies”.

Danny can’t help himself but provoke the pair after they talk about having bad days, saying: “It’s a fallacy. Not everyone’s mad, it’s just you two butt buddies.”

He raises his voice just enough as he says it so that the other pair hear, and Bobby goes totally ballistic, whipping off his shirt ready to fight, and says: “Somebody’s got to take care of this kid right now. Get the f**k outta here, you disrespectful little f**k.”

Danny remains calm but eggs him on by branding him and Bryan “fake people”.

It’s not long before Captain Mark Howard comes in to see what the fuss is about and Bobby tells him Bryan is putting his job in jeopardy — before challenging him to a fight outside.

He says: “You’re calling me a f**king name, dude? Come outside this f**king boat on a dock and say that to my face and I’ll beat your f**king ass.”

He then chucks all of Danny’s stuff out of their cabin, leaving Julia to clean up the mess.

Julia says: “This is a side I’ve never seen of bobby, and that I never want to see again. Bobby’s a big guy. Goodness knows what could happen.”

Captain Mark is left with a big decision about how to resolve the situation.

Also on tonight’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, called The Beautiful Thing About Subpar, the guests are ready to leave at least and Hannah attempts to charm them over, while on a night off Ben and Tiffany go into fliration overload without Hannah knowing.

Bobby also tries to take a girl on board, but it doesn’t go quite as he’d hoped. Tonight’s episode of the penultimate one of the first season, with one more episode next week on July 26.

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Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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