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Below Deck Med: Malia tries to calm Tom Checketts and throws chef Kiko under the bus

Malia tries to calm Tom Checketts and throws Kiko under the bus
Malia throws Kiko under the bus. Pic credit: Bravo

Another day, another melt down from Tom Checketts about doing the exact job he was hired to do.

Being the chef on a mega yacht isn’t so easy after all, who knew?

A clip for the upcoming episode shows that Tom’s final charter will be just as rocky as his first.

In true Tom fashion, you can expect an angry tirade about cooking for the guests and crew, and Malia running to his rescue to talk him off the ledge.

This is pretty much what we’ve been seeing since he joined the crew mid-season after Chef Kiko was fired.

And speaking of the fan-favorite Kiko, his name was brought into the mix and not in a good way.

Tom freaks out during the final charter

We’re not quite sure what started this new tirade from Malia’s boyfriend, but it’s quite consistent with his attitude since the moment he joined the crew.

In the latest clip, he’s visibly angry and complaining about the last charter and Malia comes to his rescue yet again.

During the exchange, we can’t really see Tom and Malia, as they had the conversation in a private room.

However, this is reality TV after all, so cameras were outside the door.

Tom can be heard saying, “Even if I got all this sh*t together, no one thing is gonna be good that I send out.”

“Yes, it will Tom. Your food’s amazing,” responded Malia. “I know you and I know whatever you put out is gonna be amazing,”

Malia bashes chef Kiko

During the conversation, the 30-year-old continues to pacify the angry chef as he rants about his job.

In the process, she throws a dig at former chef Kiko that fans will no doubt be in an uproar about once they get wind of it.

“For crew lunch, you always do like five plates,’ says Malia to Tom. “Kiko used to literally send down one bowl of spaghetti.”

It’s not clear why she even felt the need to bring the former chef into the mix, but it didn’t do much good anyway.

Despite throwing Kiko under the bus, Tom was very much still angry and ranting about his ability to cook the required meals.

“This is my f**king reputation!”  He retorted.

“You haven’t let us down,” says the bosun.  “You’ve been a lifesaver this season.”

Before they exited the room to rejoin the crew Malia reassured her then-boyfriend, “We have one more charter, you’re gonna be fine.”

Check out the clip below!

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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