Below Deck Med: Katie Flood slams Lexi Wilson’s bad edit claims ‘she deserved what she got’

Katie Flood from Below Deck Mediterranean insists Lexi Wilson got a good edit on show.
Katie isn’t holding back in squashing Lexi’s allegations about Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Katie Flood has slammed Lexi Wilson’s claims she got a bad edit by declaring Lexi got what she deserved.

There is no love lost between the Season 6 ladies. Lexi has bashed Below Deck Med, producers, and cast from the moment she was fired.

At the reunion, which Lexi did not attend, Katie and bosun Malia White insisted Lexi got a good edit. Now Katie is doubling down on her claims and insisting Lexi got what she deserved.

Below Deck Med’s Kate Flood slams Lexi Wilson’s bad edit claims

In a recent interview with Domenick Nati on The Domenick Nati Show, Katie didn’t hold back in sharing her thoughts on Lexi’s bad edit allegations. Katie revealed Lexi was portrayed more positively than how she acted during the filming of Below Deck Mediterranean.

“She deserved what she got,” Katie expressed. “Like, I don’t want to slight her, like I’ve always tried to be respectful towards her, but she just always like takes it to a whole new level.”

Katie spilled at the reunion that production had to step in during the crew mess fight after Lexi pushed Mzi “Zee” Dempers. Katie stands by her claims Lexi got a good edit that night.

“And in my eyes, especially that hot tub night, she got a good edit from actually what went down. There was a lot of things that wasn’t aired and couldn’t be aired for certain reasons. So, you know, like the things that she said, those came out of her mouth that can’t be edited. So, in my eyes, she got a good edit,” Katie explained.

Katie thinks Lexi played the victim on social media

Although Katie has tried to be respectful when dealing with and talking about Lexi, the latter has made it challenging. Lexi has blocked the entire Season 6 cast on social media, and Katie feels it’s because Lexi thought the cast was against her.

“I just feel like she didn’t know when to drop that. I feel like she had a vendetta, or she felt like the world was against her. Whether that’s true or not, I’ll never know. Obviously, no one speaks to her anymore,” the brunette beauty spilled.

The chief stew also believes that Lexi played the victim while Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 was playing out onscreen.

“I think she tried to play the victim,” Katie shared. “I mean, yeah, to be honest, like I don’t see a lot of her. It’s always like fan accounts that will screenshot, I guess, her Instagram stories and when, you know, after every episode. But I’m guessing that doesn’t really happen anymore because obviously, our seasons ended.”

Katie Flood does believe that Lexi Wilson got a good edit on Below Deck Med. Despite everything that went down, the chief stew does not wish any ill will or harm toward the Bahamas native.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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Barbara Aucoin
Barbara Aucoin
2 years ago

Almost from the get-go, it was very obvious that Lexi is a card-carrying racist, so angry and jealous that she wasn’t born white.