Below Deck Med: Kate Chastain thinks chef Kiko wanted out of Bravo show

Below Deck alum Kate Chastain thinks chef Kiko wanted to leave Below Deck Mediterranean.
Chef Kiko is the latest Below Deck Mediterranean cast member Kate has thrown shade at Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum Kate Chastain thinks that chef Kiko Loran wanted out of Below Deck Mediterranean, which is why the Vegas-themed dinner was so bad.

As fans know, Kate has landed her own limited series with Bravo. Watch with Kate features the former chief stew sharing her thoughts on the most dramatic episodes of the Below Deck Med’s current season.

The first episode Kate critiqued featured the infamous Vegas-themed dinner. She dissed Hannah Ferrier for the food suggestions she gave chef Kiko.

It is not the first time Kate has not called out Hannah’s work skills and ethic. Kate also shared her two cents on why she felt Hannah was truly fired from the Bravo show.

Throwing shade at Kiko or speaking the truth?

Captain Sandy Yawn was forced to confront chef Kiko after the charter guests referred to the food as a kid’s meal. The food was all fried, which was bad enough. Then the nachos came out, and the captain lost it.

Fans know nachos are a sore spot for Captain Sandy thanks to Chef Mila Kolomeitseva.

Once in the galley, there was an awkward exchange between chef Kiko and the captain. It ended with chef Kiko ultimately telling Captain Sandy he would leave once the charter was finished.

While watching the episode and giving her commentary, Kate thinks Kiko was done.

“Kiko wants to leave. Kiko’s begging for it. Okay, okay, you leave! She’s like okay, sure,” Kate expressed.

The former chief stew is not wrong either. Although fans were outraged over chef Kiko being fired, he said his head was not in the game after the first time Captain Sandy told him to get it together. Kiko is usually a very positive person, and he admitted being on The Wellington diminished his positivity.

Kate is rough on chefs

Kate’s thoughts on chef Kiko weren’t personal. The former chief stew is always rough on the chefs. Below Deck fans know she has clashed with many chefs on the Bravo show, most recently Kevin Dobson during Season 6.

The Bravo personality has previously shared most yacht chefs are nuts. She called Kiko’s replacement chef Tom Checketts, Malia White’s boyfriend, “a little b**ch.” Kate was reacting to Tom melting down during his first charter dinner. Plus, Tom freaked out over having to bake a cake and sing happy birthday.

There is no question Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean has been a crazy one. Kate Chastain is sharing her insight into the most jaw-dropping moments of the season, and she is not disappointing fans.

Below Deck Mediterranean  airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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