Kate Chastain disses Hannah Ferrier for Vegas night theme suggestion on Below Deck Med

Kate from Below Deck shades Hannah from Below Deck Med about Vegas theme night.
Below Deck alum Kate Chastain is not holding back on Hannah Ferrier’s chief stew skills on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain dissed Hannah Ferrier for her Vegas theme night suggestions that ultimately led to chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran being fired from Below Deck Mediterranean.

Although Kate is done with Below Deck, she is not done with Bravo or the infamous yachting franchises. The former chief stew is sharing her thoughts on some of the most talked-about episodes of Below Deck Med Season 5.

Watch with Kate premiered last night for its limited run, and Kate did not hold back her thoughts. It is no surprise the former chief stew was blunt and honest. Those are two qualities that made her a fan favorite during her six years on Below Deck.

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Kate shades Hannah

Fans of the hit Bravo show will recall, Kiko had no idea what a Vegas themed dinner was, so he googled it. Hannah also tried to help her friend out with some suggestions.

Nachos was one of the items Hannah thought was a good idea for dinner. The nachos ended up being what led to Kiko leaving The Wellington. There is no question the nachos were not appealing to look at onscreen. Imagine what they looked like in person.

Kate blamed Hannah for not giving Kiko better food ideas for the menu than food found at a chain restaurant.

“Oh, Hannah’s only been to TGI Friday’s in Vegas. That’s so sad. It’s got some of the best restaurants on the planet,” Kate shared on her new show.

The Bravo personality also slammed Hannah for saying Vegas food was simple. Kate called the food in Vegas over the top. She then bashed the entire crew, asking if anyone on The Wellington had ever been to sin city.

As the platters of nothing but fired food were delivered to the charter guests, Kate declared Hannah must have only eaten off a children’s menu in Vegas.

Kate Tweets about new show.
Pic credit: @KateChastain/Twitter

What else did Kate say about Vegas dinner?

Kate was also not thrilled with chef Kiko for creating brownies that were intended to be shaped like Dominos. She declared that Dominos was a retirement staple, not one in Vegas.

“I wanna Google Las Vegas, and I’m pretty sure dominos isn’t the first thing that comes up,” she stated.

Bugsy Drake was also to blame for the disaster, according to Kate. The former chief stew admitted that she shelved a chef’s plate of food and made something simple to serve instead during her career.

Kate stated it was easy to make a vegetable like asparagus or a nice Caesar salad. She wanted to see some green on that table and thought Bugsy should have taken action. The reality TV star hilariously pointed out that it is clear a chef is not doing well when the food is all the same color.

In the end, Kate Chastain believes both Hannah Ferrier and chef Kiko Loran are to blame for the disastrous Vegas dinner. The Below Deck alum thinks Kiko simply wanted out of a job, and Hannah was just not a good stew.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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