Below Deck Med: Has Lexi Wilson changed viewers’ minds about Malia White?

Are Below Deck Med fans changing their tune about Malia White?
Below Deck Med fans have weighed in on the Lexi and Malia drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 has brought the wrath of Lexi Wilson, which has viewers changing their minds about Malia White.

It’s no secret that the bosun’s behavior on Season 5 of Below Deck Med outraged many fans. News Malia was returning for Season 6 drew a lot of backlash.

However, chef Mathew Shea leaving the crew ahead of the first charter put the crew in a lurch had some viewers calling it karma for Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia’s Season 5 actions. Plenty of people will never give Malia and Captain Sandy another chance after the way they treated Hannah Ferrier.

The new season has certainly shined a new light on the captain and bosun. Lexi and Malia’s showdown has some former haters rethinking their opinion of the bosun.

Yes, a new Below Deck Mediterranean villain has emerged, and it’s Lexi!

Have Below Deck viewers changed their minds about Malia White?

Twitter has been buzzing over the past week with thoughts about Lexi taking on the rest of the crew. There’s no question she’s been called out for her behavior on social media, but something else is happening too.

Lexi’s actions are also forcing viewers to change their tune about Malia, and not everybody is happy about it.

Did producers bring in Lexi to make Malia look good?

Not everyone has changed their mind about Malia just because Lexi has turned into the one to dislike this season. Some Twitter users are even suggesting that Lexi was brought in for the sole purpose of making the bosun look better.

This is not the first time speculation has run wild that production was working overtime to change the image of Malia and Captain Sandy. Even their friendship hasn’t been highlighted that much during Season 6.

Instead, Below Deck Mediterranean has focused on the new crew members. Mathew and Lexi bring the drama, while Katie Flood, Courtney Veale, Lloyd Spencer, Mzi “Zee” Dempers, and David Pascoe bring the laughter.

Fan show praise for Malia.
Pic credit: @LynnMJamieson12/twitter

The bond the deck team has formed, including Malia, has been nothing but positive. Since the season started airing, David has used social media to remind people to be kind.

So, to answer the question, has Lexi Wilson changed viewers’ minds about Malia White? Yes, she has. While the haters are still out there, Below Deck Med fans have started to ease up on the bosun.

As long as Lexi is still on the hit yachting show, that’s good news for Malia, and let’s be honest, fans too. Lexi is awful, but boy, is she entertaining!

Has your opinion of Malia changed this season?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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