Below Deck Med fans sound off on Season 9 premiere: ‘Stop hiring unqualified people’

Nathan Gallagher on Below Deck Med Season 9
The new crew on Below Deck Med made quite an impression on fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med Season 9 kicked off last night, and fans already have much to say about it.

The premiere featured Captain Sandy Yawn back at the helm, with Aesha Scott taking on the chief stew role.

In true Below Deck Med fashion, the season already faced major problems, including a provision fiasco, a laundry disaster, and clashing crew members.

The episode ended with stew Ellie Dubaich waking chef Johnathan Shillingford for the second time to ask for help making late-night snacks for the guests.

Johnathan wasn’t happy, ending the premiere on a cliffhanger and giving viewers a lot to talk about.

Talk they have done, too, as X (formerly Twitter) has been buzzing since the Below Deck Med Season 9 kicked off.

Below Deck Med fans sound off on Season 9 premiere

“Stop hiring unqualified people! It’s not fair to the charter guests & an insult to the viewers. A Stew that’s never made it through a season.🙄 #BelowDeckMed,” read on X, referring to stew Bri Muller.

Another X featured a GIF of Kristen Bell to remark on Bri’s lack of experience.

Bri was one hot topic because a different X had something to say about her work.

“We got chef with no culinary education, a stew who’s never finished a charter season, and a bosun who hasn’t led a team This should be an interesting season…  #BelowDeckMed,” said an X.

Speaking of the chef, there were several comments about Captain Sandy Yawn saying in the next preview never to wake the chef.

One X reminded the captain that she did that in Season 5 to Malia White’s then-boyfriend, chef Tom Checketts.

“Never wake the chef??? Is sandy okay??! Um hello it’s his job. 2 crew members cannot take care of 7 drunk hungry gen Z’s I mean honestly. Sandy has a bad habit of punishing the wrong hard workers and rewarding the lazy ones.

More Below Deck Med fans weigh in on Season 9 premiere

An X user brought up the first tip meeting, which we all know will not go well at all.

There was even one X that joked Hannah Ferrier was behind the provision screw-up.

“I would be absolutely LIVID if I paid six figures to go on a boat and there be no wine on board… how is there no wine available anywhere in Greece??? #”elowDeckMed,” wrote one X user.

The guests demanding nachos at night earned mixed reviews from Below Deck Med viewers.

One X declared that for the money the guests are paying for the yacht, they should get nachos whenever they want, regardless of the time of day.

A different X though, stated, “They think someone is just gonna whip you some max n cheese that time of night?#BelowDeckMed.”

There’s no question the Below Deck Med Season 9 premiere was interesting.

Aesha Scott’s return to the show had her former Below Deck Down Under costar talking, too. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Captain Jason Chambers reacted to her gig.

Captain Sandy Yawn is thrilled to have Aesha back but she did reveal the Season 8 crew members she wished would have come back.

What did you think of the Below Deck Med Season 9 premiere?

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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