Below Deck Med fans drag Natasha Webb for skipping Season 7 reunion

Natasha Webb on Below Deck Med Season 7
Natasha’s absence from the reunion sparked outrage. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean fans drag Natasha Webb for skipping the Season 7 reunion show and instead sending in a video message.

Natasha and deckhand Jason Gaskell were both missing from the virtual cast chat.

Jason simply declined, which was no surprise, given he chose to leave the show midseason.

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Although crew members opting out of the reunion has become more popular over the past few seasons in the Below Deck franchise, the chief stew not showing up was a big deal.

Social media was abuzz throughout the reunion show, with Below Deck Med viewers not holding back their thoughts on Natasha skipping the reunion.

There’s no question Below Deck Med fans think Natasha needed to answer for her behavior toward Natalya Scudder and especially chef Dave White.

Below Deck Med fans drag Natasha Webb for missing Season 7 reunion

Several Twitter users called out Natasha for being a coward who didn’t want to take accountability for her behavior and treatment of others on the show. One found it “disrespectful” the chief stew skipped out on the reunion.

Natasha blasted on Twitter
Pic credit: @OverBoard_Pod/@DSTBlaze/@queenviktorious/Twitter

A user even laughed at her video and called her a “liar” amid her attempt to ensure Below Deck Mediterranean fans know she’s all about positivity these days.

Another Twitter user wasn’t surprised Natasha didn’t show up. After all, she’s the “worst chief stew.”

One commenter put Natasha on blast for being a child.

There was even a remark comparing Natasha to Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, claiming they both run from the truth.

A couple of users also stood up for Dave while expressing their outrage over Natasha getting a free pass to skip the reunion.

“She avoids negativity?! Tash you are the negativity! You were manipulative to Dave and horrible to Nat the entire season,” wrote one user.

Twitter stands up for Dave
Pic credit: @ReneeRonero/@OllieTwist17

Andy Cohen put on blast over his treatment of Dave White

While Twitter was certainly putting Natasha Webb on blast, she wasn’t the only one Below Deck Mediterranean viewers were taking aim at.

Twitter was also ablaze with remarks calling out host Andy Cohen for how he treated Dave, who owned up to his behavior but didn’t acknowledge how Natasha treated the chef.

Twitter not happy with Andy Cohen
Pic credit: @RealityTVBliss/@moccia8989/Twitter

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 has officially ended with the reunion show airing last night.

Natasha Webb missed the reunion show, and social media has had a lot to say about her missing the virtual event.

What do you think of Natasha being a no-show?

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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