Below Deck Med: Did Rob have feelings for Aesha? Jess calls him out

Jessica More is convince Rob Westergaard was into Aesha Scott on Below Deck Mediterranean.
Jess called out Rob at the Below Deck Med reunion for flirting with Aesha. Pic credit: Bravo

Did Robert Westergaard have feelings for Aesha Scott while dating Jessica More on Below Deck Mediterranean? Jess thought so and called him out at the Season 5 reunion with proof she is not a jealous and insecure woman.

The Below Deck Med Season 5 reunion show wrapped up this week with Jess bringing the fire. She came in with guns blazing to blow things up, and it worked too.

Fans loved the new Jess, who didn’t take crap from anyone. She slammed Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White for talking over her but saved the best for her ex-boyfriend, Rob.

How does Rob feel about Aesha?

Andy Cohen hosted the virtual chat with The Wellington crew. After several clips of Jess and Rob’s turbulent relationship, with footage of Aesha thrown in, Andy got real with Rob. The host asked if Aesha had been on the yacht from day one, would Rob have pursued her over Jess.

“I didn’t have that type of relationship with Aesha, anyway. It was more of a brother-sister type vibe where you could shoot the s**t. I don’t think so, no,” Rob replied.

Jess immediately jumped in, accusing her ex of sending an inappropriate DM to Aesha while they were still dating.

“It was just an extremely inappropriate DM from Rob to Aesha. So I don’t know how he can say he didn’t have any attraction to her. The one asking if you took a big c**k lately and if you liked it,” Jess spilled, saying she discovered it while with Rob at her mom’s house.

Aesha was confused as to the DM Jess was talking about and went looking through her messages. She did find it but stated this was her first time reading it. The New Zealand beauty reiterated there were no romantic feelings between her and Rob.

Jess and Aesha find peace

While on The Wellington, Jess and Aesha had their moments. It was mostly because Jess did not like the way Aesha and Rob bantered. Jess felt it was disrespectful and that Aesha crossed a line grazing Rob’s butt.

The working relationship between Aesha and Jess was most certainly not the best. However, at the reunion, Jess shared she has no ill will toward Aesha. Jess believes Rob acted inappropriately, nothing else.

Aesha wants nothing to do with the drama. She has happily moved on from Below Deck Mediterranean, yachting, and especially the disaster that was Rob and Jess.

Lots of juicy details were dished at the Below Deck Med Season 5 reunion. Fans were not thrilled with the virtual chat, but now they know more about what really happened with Jessica More, Aesha Scott, and Robert Westergaard.

Below Deck Season 8 premieres Monday, November 2, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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