Jessica More shuts down Below Deck Med cast members at reunion and fans now love her

Jessica More blasted Captain Sandy and Malia White at Below deck Mediterranean reunion show.
Jess came out with guns blazing at the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 reunion, and fans are here for it. Pic credit: Bravo

Jessica More shut down multiple cast members at the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 reunion, and fans now love her.

The third stew did not hold back during the virtual chat. It was a whole new side to Jess that wasn’t portrayed on the Bravo show. Unfortunately, Jessica came across as a jealous, insecure woman on Below Deck Med thanks to her dysfunctional relationship with a deckhand, Robert Westergaard.

It turns out she is far from the person fans saw on The Wellington. Jess literally came to the reunion to speak her truth, and then some.

Blasting Captain Sandy and Malia White for not shutting up

Jess was not there to have people talk over her. In the discussion regarding Hannah Ferrier having a CBD pen for her anxiety on the yacht, Jess fought to get her words heard.

When Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White kept interrupting Jessica to reiterate Maritime Law, the third stew lost it.

“We’ve heard you talk. We’ve seen your posts. I’m just trying to get one word out from somebody on the other side,” Jess blasted at Malia.

Then there was Captain Sandy, who also kept talking over Jess. The captain was almost scolding Jess when the stew was talking about the CBD pen issue.

Jess felt the drug policy should be more of a big deal, but Captain Sandy wasn’t having it. She interrupted her telling the stew to read her contract, which was the final straw for Jessica.

Frustrated at not being able to get her point across, Jess shot back at the captain.

“I really wish I could talk, but let me shut up so you can have the floor and speak yourself,” Jess snapped at Captain Sandy.

Rob was also on Jessica’s hit list when he tried to interject himself into the conversation. The deckhand got annoyed and said he was leaving, to which Jess snapped, “Okay, well bye.”

Fans are all about Jessica now

Twitter exploded with love for Jess. Fans wasted no time praising her and saying what she brought to the reunion was her authentic vibe.

Fans praise Jess from Below Deck Med
Pic credit: @@Jessicamore180/Twitter

One user was proud of Jess for the way she handled herself. Another user shared a new admiration for Jess.

There is one thing social media could agree on, and that was Jess came to the reunion to burn “s**t” down.

Fans got to see a whole new side to Jessica More at the Below Deck Med Season 5 reunion show. She has previously shared she wished the Bravo show had shown more of her personality than the Rob drama.

Based on what viewers saw during the virtual chat, Jessica is an entirely different person than who was portrayed on the season.

What did you think of Jessica More coming in with guns blazing?

Below Deck Season 8 premieres Monday, November 2, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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