Below Deck Med: David Pascoe reflects on sharing his mental health struggle

David Pascoe gets real about sharing his mental health struggles on Below Deck Med.
David doesn’t care about drama on Below Deck Med, he cares about his story helping people. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star David Pascoe has opened up about sharing his mental health struggle during Season 6, calling it a good thing.

David knows there was a lot of drama surrounding Below Deck Med Season 6, especially with Lexi Wilson and Mathew Shea. However, one positive thing to come out of the season was the close bond the crew developed.

The Season 6 cast members made history when they decided to vacation in Split together after the cameras stopped rolling. Bosun Malia White recently gave fans a glimpse of what happened in Split since the group has been pretty tight-lipped about it.

Another good thing for David to come out of the season was the response to him sharing his mental health struggle.

David from Below Deck Med reflects on sharing his mental health struggle

When David stopped by the IG series, Pita Party, hosted by Below Deck Sailing Yacht alums Alli Dore, Dani Soares, and Daisy Kelliher, he got real about sharing his mental health struggle. First, he admitted he was happy with how Below Deck Med Season 6 played out.

Then David explained that doing the show was probably not the smartest thing to do in his fragile state of mind. However, what came out of it has been such a wonderful thing that David has no regrets about sharing his story.

“I was quite open, more so on social media, but me being able to speak that night at the vineyard allowed me to open up big time on my social media. And I have had hundreds of messages from people who said they been through some s**t, they’ve either tried to commit suicide or been through something close. They are messaging me saying, ‘look, seeing you on TV, it became relatable to me. I want to look for help now, or I’ve been through this. This means so much to me,'” David expressed.

Below Deck Med’s David doesn’t’ care about the haters only the good from the season

Daisy and David start discussing the horrible things trolls have said to them. That kind of hatred doesn’t matter to David. It’s the good that came from being on the show that makes him smile.

“I don’t care about any of the drama. I don’t care about people that called me racist or people that called me a homophobe, you know all this bulls**t in nasty messages,” David said. “The main thing for me, if I could help one person that was enough for me and to then have tens and tens and tens up to hundreds of people be like ‘this means something real to me. I am going to seek help, or I’m going to my cousin who seems like they’re struggling.’ And all these massive variations of people against their issues purely because someone spoke up. That for me, the season, I don’t give a f**k about the season, people can think they what they want about me. All I care about is that good things came out of it.”

The Bravo personality also used his Pita Party interview to set the record straight on what went down between him and Delaney Evans on social media last month.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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