Below Deck Med: Conrad Empson wouldn’t be jealous if another man wanted to sleep with Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier on Below Deck Mediterranean
Hannah Ferrier has an interesting question for Conrad on the Below Deck Med finale. Pic credit: Bravo

Things get rather awkward between Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson on the Below Deck: Mediterranean season finale!

While she still seems rather into him, it sounds like he couldn’t really care less. As some of their Below Deck: Mediterranean co-stars reveal in the clip below, it almost seems as if Conrad is trying to hide from Hannah to get some peace.

During a clip released by Bravo for the Below Deck: Mediterranean finale, Hannah Ferrier is seen looking for Conrad.

When she finds him, it’s clear that he has already gone to bed. She asks him if he’s trying to lock her out of the room, but he just seems to want her to leave.

Things then get ultra-awkward when Hannah asks him if he would be angry if she visited another “friend” on his yacht after this season ends.

She then starts talking about sex, and asks Conrad outright if he’d be jealous if the other man wanted to sleep with her, but he replies, simply: “No”.

It’s clear that Hannah trying to prompt some sort of emotion from Conrad, but he evidently just wants her to leave. In fact, it sounds like Conrad might even WANT her to see someone else and move on.

Does Hannah need to take a hint, or will her persistence pay off? Watch the sneak peek for the Below Deck Mediterranean season finale below!

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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