Below Deck Med: Conrad Empson spills behind the scenes secrets of Season 3 and Hannah Ferrier romance

Conrad Empson talks Hannah Ferrier romance on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 3.
Conrad gave Below Deck Mediterranean fans insight into his time on the hit yachting show. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Conrad Empson has spilled some behind-the-scenes secrets of Season 3. Conrad also dished how his romance with Hannah Ferrier impacted his stint on the show.

The bosun and the chief stew had a brief boatmance during their time on Below Deck Med. Their relationship caused a lot of craziness and crew drama, especially with Captain Sandy Yawn. The captain often blamed Conrad and Hannah’s mistakes on lack of job focus because of their romance.

Today, both Hannah and Conrad have moved on from the hit Bravo show. Hannah has a daughter, Ava, with fiancé Josh Roberts.

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Conrad also has a family, although he keeps them out of the spotlight. He often features a woman and little girl on his social media but doesn’t reveal their identities. Conrad simply refers to them as his little family.

Now the former Below Deck Med star has dished some juicy behind-the-scenes gossip for Below Deck fans.

Conrad Empson spills behind the scenes secrets of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 3

It’s been four years since Conrad was on Below Deck Med, but he still gets asked about his stint on the show. Conrad recently stopped by the Gangplank Report podcast to chat with hosts Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang and super fan Jen Bennington.

Conrad happily spilled some tea, including what Below Deck Mediterranean viewers didn’t see on the show.

“What you probably didn’t see was the fact how hard I work,” Conrad expressed. “And I consistently will be the last man standing in the evening. I would take the anchor watch. Or I would take the late shift. I would be the one who would be like, ‘Look, guys, go downstairs. I’ll do the tender run. And I would always be the person to put myself forward and go the extra mile. And it wasn’t fully portrayed like that.”

How did Conrad Empson’s romance with Hannah Ferrier impact his stint on Below Deck Med?

The bosun was excited to be part of the hit franchise and was ready to show Below Deck Med viewers his killer yachting skills.

“I went into that fully like yachtie head-on. And I had just come out of a season and was raring to go. I wanted to go into that show to basically show how a yachtie did it. Like to try and prove to people exactly how a yachtie should be on that show,” Conrad shared.

However, Conrad’s relationship with Hannah was the main focus of his experience when the show hit the airwaves.

“Don’t get me wrong. I was never edited really in a bad way,” he spilled. “But something I still get the piss taken out of me now is that ‘Conrad, you forgot to take the tender off’ or something. But yeah, I never got truly portrayed in a very bad light. So, I can’t complain too much in that fashion. However, my whole story role was very much around the relationship that I had.”

There’s no question a good portion of Conrad’s most memorable moments from the Bravo show involved him with Hannah. Conrad Empson doesn’t regret his time on Below Deck Med. He does wish more of his yacht experience was highlighted instead of his Hannah Ferrier boatmance.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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