Below Deck: Is Jake Foulger engaged?

Jake Foulger dropped a bombshell on Below Deck.
Rayna has her hands full with Jake professionally and personally on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Is Below Deck’s Jake Foulger engaged? That’s a question many Below Deck viewers are asking after Season 9 Episode 4 ended with Jake revealing he’s engaged.

The deckhand shocked stew Fraser Olender and deckhand Rayna Lindsey with his news. Jake, Rayna, and Fraser were pretty drunk and had just engaged in a threesome kiss in the hot tube when Jake dropped his bombshell.

It was not the first time Rayna and Jake engaged in a make-out session. They kissed a lot on the first crew night out, which she immediately regretted the next day. The smoochfest also impacted Jake and Rayna’s work relationship, especially once he was named lead deckhand.

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Is Jake from Below Deck engaged?

Thanks to a preview video dropped by Bravo, Below Deck fans have learned if Jake Foulger is engaged. The morning after Jake’s drunken bombshell, Rayna can’t stop talking about his big news.

In the footage, Rayna informs deckhand Wes O’Dell that Jake’s engaged. Jake blasts Rayna for sharing his business. She though reminds him that he’s been kissing all over her, so she has a right to her feelings.

“I have a fiancé, but she’s not my girlfriend,” a frustrated Jake shouts at Rayna. “I’m not monogamous, baby!”

Jake’s response leaves Rayna more baffled than ever. She insists Jake tell them how his engagement happened.

“She’s my mate. She needs a British passport,” Jake shared.

Now Jake’s actions make a little bit more sense, especially to Eddie Lucas who has joined the group. The deckhand goes on to explain his situation in a confessional.

“I really care about Paris, and I know she cares about me. But we’re nowhere near ready for marriage. She understands what I’m like, and she knows I am going to be doing all this crazy s**t. I just feel like you gotta spread all the love. All the love, baby,” he spilled.

Is there a love triangle on Below Deck Season 9?

The Below Deck Season 9 trailer teased Jake kissing Fraser and also making out with Rayna. Based on the three of them engaging in a smooch, fans are starting to wonder if a love triangle is brewing.

Your First Look at Below Deck Season 9 | Bravo

Fraser teased to Showbiz Cheatsheet that things happen that create an “interesting and fun storyline” Below Deck viewers will see for the rest of the season. The stew didn’t spill any details, but one thing is for sure.

Whatever happens onscreen has not affected the bond the three of them formed. Fraser gushed over his friendship with Jake when speaking to Showbiz Cheatsheet. Plus, Rayna has expressed nothing but love for Jake and Fraser on her Instagram feed.

To answer the question, is Below Deck’s Jake Foulger engaged? That would be yes, but he’s also single.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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