Below Deck Down Under: Tumi Mhlongo and Benny Crawley support Aesha Scott amid Magda Ziomek and chef Ryan drama

Tumi and Benny from Below Deck Down Under defend Aesha after chef Ryan and Magda bash her.
The Below Deck DownUnder crew is divided. Pic credit: Peacock

Below Deck Down Under stars Tumi Mhlongo and Benny Crawley are showing support for Aesha Scott amid her onscreen drama with Magda Ziomek and chef Ryan McKeown.

Tensions have been mounting all season long between Aesha and Ryan, with things reaching a boiling point on the most recent episode of Below Deck Down Under Season 1. Magda has her own issues with the chief stew, prompting her and Ryan to bond while trash-talking Aesha.

Tumi wasted no time revealing to Aesha what was being said about her, which sent Ryan into a fit of rage with his nasty side showing. The season is only half over with a lot more crew chaos to play out, as featured in the mid-season trailer.

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As the drama amps up between Magda, Ryan, and Aesha, two crew members are showing their love for the Below Deck Med alum.

How did Below Deck Down Under star Tumi Mhlongo show support for Aesha Scott?

Tumi and Magda teased what’s coming up on the remainder of Season 1 of Below Deck Down Under in an interview with Decider.

They also shared their opinions on Aesha, with Tumi singing the chief stews praises.

“I really enjoyed working with Aesha. I’ve worked with pretty difficult and hardheaded Chief Stews before. It was really nice to have like a leader like Aesha who was super relaxed. She makes work fun and lighthearted. Sometimes, we take our jobs too seriously and Aesha really just doesn’t. However, she made sure that we always got the job done,” Tumi expressed to the website.

The stew also shared an Instagram post ahead of the episode that included Tumi, Aesha, Benny, and Brittini Burton. Tumi warned her sassy side comes out, and it did.

Benny Crawley praises Below Deck Mediterranean alum Aesha

There’s no question Benny has his own struggles on Below Deck Down Under. The deckhand constantly butts heads with bosun Jamie Sayed.

However, Benny reveals one person who helped him during filming, and that was Aesha. Benny used Instagram to show his appreciation for the chief stew.

“Some of my fondest memories from my time on Thalassa was helping this one with her dinner service dishes. I would always sneak in to the galley to clean some forks in anticipation of the smile and gratitude that would pour out of her! It would make my day ☺️ @aesha_jean I love you and the way you inspire and lead by example ❤️❤️❤️,” he wrote alongside a photo of him and Aesha.

The comments section was filled with love for Benny and his positive post. Aesha was one of many who gushed about what Benny had said. She even revealed his kind words brought a tear to her eye.

Benny's words make Aesha cry.
Pic credit: @benny_crawley/Instagram

A little more than a handful of episodes remain in Below Deck Down Under Season 1. That means more fights involving Aesha Scott, Magda Ziomek, and chef Ryan McKeown. The latter two are definitely teaming up against the chief stew, with tensions rising each episode.

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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