Bekah Martinez shows off her hairy legs in date night photo

Bekah Martinez
Bekah Martinez shows off her hairy legs. Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

Bekah Martinez has been in the Bachelor Nation headlines lately as she has been vocal about what has been going on in the world, as well as talking about being engaged.

Bekah rejected her current boyfriend and baby daddy to their two kids, Grayston Leonard, two months after their first baby was born, but now she is ready to be proposed to again.

As Bekah continues to be vocal on issues in today’s society, she also has no problem being herself, whether it comes to motherhood and her own body.

Bekah Martinez shows off her hairy legs

Bekah and her boyfriend, Grayston, are full-time parents to a daughter, Ruth, and a son, Franklin.

However, they also take some time to themselves to relax and have fun as a couple, too.

Recently, the duo went out on a date night together. Bekah dressed in a rust-colored dress and some orange clogs. Grayston wore a pink and white linen short-sleeved shirt and some gray pants.

But that wasn’t all that caught viewers’ eyes as they scrolled through the three photos Bekah posted. They also noticed the immense amount of hair on Bekah’s legs, flaunting off her no-shave look.

She captioned the pictures and post by saying, “happy, hairy & thriving.”

Bachelor Nation fans reacted to Bekah’s hairy leg choice

Some fans gave Bekah fire flame emojis to show their support and love for her and her photos, and others complimented her on being herself and not shaving her legs.

One fan wrote, “Omg leg hair envyyyyy,” while another declared, “You gave me confidence to go everywhere with leg hair, long or short legs are legs! Hair is hair!”

Another woman stated, “These comments are the right vibes (hands clapping emoji),” to show that women were supporting women and not criticizing Bekah for her choices.

Fans talk about how they've gotten confidence from Bekah not shaving her legs.
Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

More fans gave Bekah heart-faced emojis to show their support, and one woman even said, “You’ve inspired me to only shave my legs when I *want* to, not out of pressure by ANYONE else! Love.”

Others love how Bekah expresses herself and doesn't care what others think or say.
Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

As Bekah waits for that proposal from Grayston, she will never apologize for being who she is and doing what she wants to do. Whether that’s continuing to breastfeed both of her children, even though one is a toddler, or not shaving her legs and just letting the world see that Bekah doesn’t care what others say about her.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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