Bachelorette picks: Fans loving Joe the grocer proves character beats cash

Joe from The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette: Joe Amabile has exited the show, to the disappointment of many fans

The Bachelorette premiered on Monday night on ABC and viewers were quick to pick their favorite guys.

Joe, the grocery store owner from Chicago, kept laughing and smiling throughout his interview with producers, capturing viewers’ hearts right from the beginning. Throughout the episode, Joe also talked about how he sold watermelons. While he wasn’t the right one for Becca and was sent home after the first episode, people completely fell in love with him.

So, why do we love Joe the grocery store owner? As it turns out, his name is actually Joe Amabile based on his Instagram. His big smile and laid-back personality captured viewers immediately. Plus, he had his own business and had that Chicago accent. Many people just fell completely in love with Joe because he was being himself, he wasn’t trying to be someone he’s not.  His attitude contrasted sharply with the male model who seemed to be focused on his face and his seafoam attire, Joe just wanted to make the best first impression on Becca.

Several viewers expressed their support from Joe, as they felt it would be a good fit for Becca Kufrin. She didn’t see the same in him as viewers did, but it seems like the producers did. There are already reports that Joe will go from The Bachelorette to Bachelor in Paradise, which airs this summer.

Hopefully, he will find love here and continue to be himself. Throughout these shows, it’s easy to spot the fake people and viewers are falling for Joe because of who he is. Fans are proving that personality and charm trump the amount of money one has in a bank account.

What do you think about Joe, the grocer from Chicago, who was sent home on The Bachelorette? Do you think he should have stayed?