Bachelorette men ‘frantically’ turn on location settings after Clayton Echard cheating accusation

Blake Horstmann, Jason Tartick, Michael Allio
Jason Tartick is joined by Michael Allio and Blake Horstmann in Ohio. Pic credit: @balockaye.h/Instagram

Bachelor Nation fans have been in an uproar after the chaotic cheating allegations against Clayton Echard, and it appears the alumni are just as shaken.

After Clayton used his location settings to attest to his innocence, three well-known former Bachelorette contestants are “frantically” trying to figure out how to turn on their own settings.

Michael Allio and Blake Horstmann appeared in Ohio to support Jason Tartick’s new book, but the three had much bigger things to worry about after the recent TikTok scandal.

Jason Tartick, Blake Horstmann, and Michael Allio comment on Clayton Echard’s cheating allegations

Jason Tartick’s seventh and second-to-last location on his book tour featured surprise guests Michael Allio and Blake Horstmann on the stage of Welcome To The Farm. The three were primed to promote Jason’s new book, Restart Roadmap, to a packed audience.

However, a recent viral video by a TikToker, who claimed that Clayton Echard had attempted to hook up with her, sent their thoughts spiraling. Clayton denied the claims by revealing a shot of his significant locations logged to his phone when the TikToker said they met.

Blake appeared to take a page out of Clayton’s book as he took to his Instagram caption to reference the event.  

“Just 3 guys frantically trying to figure out how to turn on our location #ifykyk #butseriouslyhowdoyoudoit,” Blake captioned a photo of the three.

The former contestants got close for the shot as they posed on a bench with their arms wrapped around one another. Despite the teasing tone of the caption, Blake doubled down on where the three stood on the issue by reposting his story with the caption, “Team Clayton.”

Blake Instagram
Pic credit: @balockaye.h/Instagram

Michael Allio and Blake Horstmann stand by their Bachelor Nation friends

Michael also previously hit back at the claims with a strong statement condemning the actions of the TikToker.

“If you are a part of Bachelor Nation or if you comment things like this negatively that impact Clayton, it’s wrong, it’s just wrong,” Michael said on Instagram. “Do the right thing. Don’t give her the time of day. She’s obviously chasing something that doesn’t exist.”

Michael and Blake both proved their loyalty to their Bachelor Nation friends once again as they joined Jason on his book tour.

The three put the drama aside to promote Jason’s new release, and the event appeared to be a success despite the turmoil of Bachelor Nation fans.

The Bachelorette premieres on July 11 on ABC.

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