Bachelor Nation’s best reactions after Katie Thurston dumped Justin Glaze during overnights

Justin Glaze looks to the side with a serious expression
Justin Glaze’s facial expressions say it all as Katie dumps him. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 17 finale saw the lovable Justin Glaze being sent home before he even got to stay overnight with Katie.

While many viewers saw Katie and Justin’s split from a mile away and knew it was inevitable, it still had Bachelor Nation demanding justice for Justin. 

During the finale “Poor Justin” even started trending on Twitter due to the fact that Justin had clearly been strung along as a default option for Katie. After his emotional end on the show, viewers had a lot of heartfelt and humorous reactions regarding Justin’s departure. 

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Viewers react to Justin being an afterthought 

Once Greg exited the show in a dramatic fashion, that left both Greg and Katie heartbroken, it became clear that Blake was now Katie’s top choice.

After Blake and Katie exchanged “I love yous” with one another during their date, viewers felt secondhand embarrassment for Justin, who was clearly out of the competition without yet realizing it. 

Justin gushed about his love for Katie before his date which had one viewer cringing, knowing Justin was never going to make it to fantasy suites. 

A fan shared a screenshot of Justin running towards Katie just before being dumped and wrote, “no no Justin turn around and walk back to your hotel room.”

One viewer noted that Katie’s forgetfulness of Justin’s presence was visible after her overnight with Blake.  

Another commenter stated that Katie’s dismissive treatment of Justin during the breakup proves that his parents were right to not show up and meet Katie during hometowns. 

Bachelor Nation will miss Justin’s facial expressions 

Justin was most known for his extremely animated facial expressions. His expressions went viral amongst fans, so they were elated when the finale dedicated a whole segment to all the hilarious facial expressions Justin made on the show. 

One fan went so far as to call Justin the “human emoji” which seems to be a pretty accurate nickname.

Another viewer posted a humorous photo that shows Justin reacting to his reactions and both are equally expressive.

Justin admitted that he didn’t realize how animated his face can be until seeing himself on the show, but he found the huge response to his expressions to be amusing.

Now that Justin is single, members of Bachelor Nation have voiced wanting to shoot their shot with him. They’ve also voiced wanting to see Justin become the next Bachelor because they enjoy his personality and want his memorable facial expressions to continue to grace our television screens. 

With major Bachelor contenders Michael Allio and Andrew Spencer both expressing their disinterest in being named the next Bachelor, Justin might have a real chance at being the franchise’s next leading man. 

The Bachelorette returns this fall on ABC. 

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