Bachelor Nation reacts to Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall’s bromance exit on Bachelor in Paradise

James Bonsall gives Aaron Clancy a piggy back ride on the beach
Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall leave paradise side by side. Pic credit: ABC

Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall entered paradise as the best of friends and exited paradise as the best of friends, arguably showcasing the greatest bromance in franchise history.

Aaron and James’ humorous exit was certainly a highlight of the finale.

Naturally, Bachelor in Paradise viewers had a lot to say about their love for Aaron and James’ loyal bond.

Some viewers even feel Aaron and James are one of the best pairings to be featured on this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Aaron and James win ‘best couple exit’ of the finale

A Bachelor in Paradise fan awarded James and Aaron’s exit as the funniest segment ever on the series and the best couple exit.

They also gave Tia props for having the “realest female exit” after Aaron Clancy left her. 

Another viewer noted Riley’s shocked reaction when Aaron abruptly decided to head out with James. Riley’s expression captured what many people felt when watching James and Aaron dump their girls to go home together. 

In a set of photos, a commenter noted the bond Aaron and James have as bros, almost as if their friendship is straight out of a romcom. Using birds, the photos feature dialogue poking fun at the way Aaron and James speak and how much they need each other.

As James and Aaron piggyback rode off into the sunset, many Bachelor in Paradise viewers hoped they hadn’t seen the last of Aaron and James’ epic bromance. 

One commenter tweeted out their intriguing pitch for Bachelor in Paradise going forward saying, “Hear me out…Wells becomes the permanent host of Bachelor in Paradise and Aaron and James become the ‘brotenders.’” 

Bachelor Nation agrees James and Aaron are a perfect match 

James struggled to develop any solid romantic connection during his entire time on the show, which led many to be impressed that he even managed to make it to the finale. Aaron also had trouble finding a solid connection in paradise after Tammy dumped him for Thomas, but the pals had a pact to stay on the island together since Aaron and James seem to always behave in solidarity.

A Bachelor in Paradise fan shared a photo of Aaron and James in the car as they headed home and pointed out, “Aaron and James looking happier than they did the entire time on the beach.” 

This season of Bachelor in Paradise managed to produce a fair amount of couples, with three getting engaged on the beach and two rekindling after leaving paradise.

One tweet humorously celebrated all the happy couples by sharing photos of each pair and they included a photo of James and Aaron as one of the couples that paradise formed. 

It seems most of Bachelor Nation is in agreement with this tweet touting Aaron and James’ bromance exit as the “best part” of the night. 

And it looks like their bromance will only continue because the BIP finale revealed that Aaron and James are now roommates and still going strong as best friends forever. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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