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Bachelor in Paradise’s Mari Pepin calls out the double standard fans have for her and boyfriend Kenny Braasch

Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin
Bachelor in Paradise’s Mari Pepin fired back at hateful comments holding her to a different standard than Kenny Braasch. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise star Mari Pepin called out fans’ double standard for her and her boyfriend Kenny Braasch.

Mari fired back at commenters shaming her for posting a lingerie photo and said she refuses to accept the hate in a passionate tweet.

Mari Pepin refuses to accept the double standard on her lingerie photos

After both Mari and Kenny posted shots in their underwear, Mari was left frustrated by the differing receptions between the two.

“The double standards kill me,” Mari wrote on Twitter. “Kenny posts an ad in men’s lingerie and it’s ‘so hot! Mari is so lucky’ v few negative remarks.”

“I post for the same company and it’s ‘shouldn’t this be for your man only? It’s crazy you’re posting this. This is p*rn I’m unfollowing’ like what???’”

Mari Pepin tweet
Pic credit: @mari_pepin/Twitter

She also said that most of these comments are often disguised as opinions.

“If your ‘opinion’ is shaming/putting people down I do not have to accept that nor do I respect it,” Mari wrote.

Mari Pepin tweet
Pic credit: @mari_pepin/Twitter

Mari’s fans took to Twitter to defend and support her from the hate.

One fan simply replied with this inspiring gif.

“Why the hell people feel the need to voice every single thing they think to you Mari or to anyone else is beyond me,” another viewer wrote.

comment on Mari Pepin post
Pic credit: @SaPipers/Twitter

Mari also tackled how comments about weight can be just as damaging as the hate, even when meant as a compliment.

“Though well-intentioned, ‘you lost so much weight [heart emojis]’ only perpetuates that beauty is tied to weight/measurements/proportions.”

Mari Pepin tweet
Pic credit: @mari_pepin/Twitter

Bachelor Nation supported Mari Pepin’s lingerie photos amid hate comments

Both Mari and Kenny posted Valentine’s Day-themed paid partnership ads with Yandy lingerie.

Mari wore several gorgeous deep red and pink sets, and Kenny opted for a suit-and-tie-themed number, complete with a collar, cuffs, and bow tie.

The pair looked stunning, and Mari wrote that the set made her feel both sexy and confident.

Bachelor Nation also voiced their support and appreciation in Mari’s comment section on the Instagram post.

Fellow Bachelor in Paradise castmate Anna Redman left a series of fire emojis.

Anna Redman comment
Pic credit: @mari_pepin/Instagram

“Mari!!!!! [heart eye emoji],” wrote Victoria Paul.

Victoria Paul comment
Pic credit: @mari_pepin/Instagram

“I wanna see @kennybraasch10 in the same outfit,” Connor Falcon joked.

Connor Falcon comment
Pic credit: @mari_pepin/Instagram

Kenny is no stranger to baring some skin, as he was well-known on Bachelor in Paradise for getting the black box censor.

Mari and Kenny have proved to be a strong couple since their days on Bachelor in Paradise, and have even recently announced they are moving in together.

Hopefully, Mari’s statement will make all fans of both Kenny and Mari reconsider any negative words when commenting in the future.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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