Bachelor in Paradise viewers think James Bonsall’s hair is keeping him single

James Bonsall on Bachelor in Paradise
James Bonsall is having a really hard time finding love on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

James Bonsall has had a very tough time finding a lasting love connection during this season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

In the latest episode, James expressed his disappointment with being in a constant cycle of meeting women in paradise only for it to not work out and fall apart.

Bachelor in Paradise viewers believe they know the main reason why James has yet to be lucky in love and it has everything to do with the way he styles his hair. 

Bachelor in Paradise viewers think James looks better without hair gel 

Since joining The Bachelor franchise, James became known for being “the guy in the box” as well as for wearing his hair in a signature unchanging style. His hair is always slicked back with tons of hair gel, which gives him a more stiff and rigid look according to fans. 

BIP viewers took to social media to express their belief that if James would change up his hair and use less gel, he would have a much easier time in paradise. 

A Twitter user posted an attractive workout photo of James and questioned why more women aren’t interested in him, writing, “Can someone explain why James hasn’t gotten any love? Cause I don’t get it.” 

Many commented on the post saying his hair is the biggest reason he’s not getting love and the tweets didn’t stop there. 

A viewer compared James’ hairstyle to John Travolta’s greased-up hairstyle and wrote, “Maybe if James stopped slicking his hair back, he could catch a break?” 

Bachelor in Paradise is a tough competition but one fan voiced feeling like James’ greatest opponent isn’t the other men. They tweeted, “The biggest competitor for James isn’t the other men, it’s his hair gel.” 

Another viewer shared photos of James’ hair with noticeably less gel in it and promised that James would get every woman’s attention if he went without hair gel for even just a day in paradise. The viewer wrote, “James, I promise if you let that hair have a day without that gel, everyone at that beach gonna be on you.” 

Fans appeared antsy for James to make the change since time is running out for him to find love. A tweet shared a gif of a man’s hair being tussled with the comment, “Can someone just do this to James’ hair so he can get a date?”

James’ lack of tattoos might also be his downfall 

Hair gel might end up being the least of James’ worries since it’s tattoos that could cause him to lose his connection with Tia Booth.

Tia’s been very outspoken about how she loves a man with tattoos. So, unsurprisingly, she immediately hit it off with newcomer Blake Monar, who is covered in tattoos and has been deemed “Tatty Daddy” by Tia. 

James doesn’t appear to have any tats and some fans feel he’ll need to get some if he wants to keep pursuing Tia.

Whether it’s hair gel or tattoos, it certainly seems like James’ back is against the wall and he’ll need to shake things up if he’s going to last in paradise. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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