Bachelor in Paradise star Danielle Maltby defends Eliza after her breakup with Rodney

Danielle Maltby
BIP contestant Danielle Maltby has spoken in defense of Eliza after last night’s episode. Pic credit: @dmmaltby/Instagram

After witnessing the situation firsthand, Danielle Maltby has given her reasoning as to why the Bachelor in Paradise women comforted Eliza Isichei after her emotional breakup with Rodney Mathews.

Last night’s episode had no shortage of tears as Eliza regretted her decision to choose Rodney over Justin at the rose ceremony.

It got more emotional by the minute, as Eliza came clean to Rodney and Bachelor Nation watched him get his heart broken and leave the Paradise beach in shambles.

While the other BIP contestants were visibly distraught over Rodney’s exit, a few of them also wanted to make sure Eliza was doing alright after the dramatic breakup.

Among them was Danielle, a contestant brought in late to the game in an attempt to form a connection with fellow widower Michael Allio.

Since Bachelor Nation has been very vocal on social media, even with some referring to Eliza as this season’s “villain,” Danielle spoke out to defend her friend after the episode aired.

She started off her Twitter thread by saying, first and foremost, that the Paradise women love Rodney and that viewers should stop assuming otherwise.

Danielle Maltby speaks up for Eliza after emotional breakup on Bachelor in Paradise

Danielle continued on to say, “We also care about Eliza and Justin and saw the turmoil she was in processing her feelings. These are real people, experiencing real moments of happiness, pain and confusion.”

She then followed up with two separate tweets to further drive her point home.

“And then they read your s****y comments about how you feel they could navigate it better or being made fun of. Not everyone is going to be your perfect match and it effing sucks when that happens,” she wrote.

Danielle Maltby's tweets
Pic credit: @daniellemmaltby/Twitter

She finished her thread by urging Bachelor Nation to be more understanding about the situations they see on television.

“Be a little kinder bc your words wouldn’t be as sharp to any of the casts faces but they carry weight here. None of us are perfect, but at least we’re out here trying to do right by each other,” Danielle wrote.

Fans want Rodney Mathews to be the next Bachelor after leaving Bachelor in Paradise

Before Rodney even could even leave the beach last night, fans were already on social media exclaiming their desire to see him have his own season as The Bachelor.

Rodney first captivated the hearts of viewers on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, and after furthering his charm on this season of BIP, many have decided that he deserves his own chance at finding the woman who will fully appreciate him.

After seeing the heartbreak Rodney felt after Eliza came forward about her feelings for Justin, many of the other Paradise contestants were unable to hide their emotions after seeing Rodney so heartbroken — proving to viewers that he is as sincere in real life as he comes across on screen.

As of now, Rodney and Eliza have officially left the Bachelor in Paradise beach, and the end of last night’s episode showed Eliza traveling to Justin’s home in an attempt to reconcile their relationship.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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