Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Kendall Long returns for the finale — Is she there to steal Joe Amabile from Serena?

It’s clear Kendall Long isn’t finished with Joe Amabile as she’s made a surprise entrance to the Bachelor in Paradise finale. Pic credit: ABC

Although Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt have proved themselves to be one of the strongest couples on Bachelor in Paradise, will the return of Joe’s ex-fiance Kendall Long change that?

Kendall and Joe met and fell in love on the same beach only a few years earlier, and he was the first she wanted to speak with as soon as she arrived in Paradise.

Breaking up over 18 months ago due to logistical reasons, the tearful reunion proved there were a lot of unresolved feelings on both sides.

However, it was too late for the previous Paradise couple as Joe had already connected with Serena, a contestant from Matt James’ season.

Despite this, Kendall chose to stay on the beach in hopes of finding another love interest.

Kendall’s stint on the show didn’t last long as seeing Serena and Joe fall in love before her eyes became too much, causing her to send herself home.

Does Kendall Long steal Joe Amabile from Serena Pitt?

Dubbed one of the most dramatic endings in Bachelor in Paradise history, from the preview of the upcoming finale, it seems like Kendall isn’t finished with her ex just yet.

The 29-year-old makes a surprise return to the beach and as the California native is walking up, the other islanders come to the conclusion that she’s trying to stop the looming engagement of Joe and Serena.

With Serena in tears in her confessional, the end of the series is teasing a major shake-up.

While it hasn’t been determined exactly what Kendall returned for, according to Reality Steve, Joe and Serena leave Paradise together, betrothed to each other.

Joe and Serena leave Bachelor in Paradise engaged

With Joe and Serena reportedly engaged, the Kendall chapter in Joe’s book has officially been closed.

It seems as the couple is still going strong as Reality Steve reported about Grocery Store Joe and Serena in July on a rooftop pool, shortly after filming wrapped.

Although Joe almost left the show during the Season 7 premiere, lucky for him, he decided to stay after finding a spark with the 23-year-old Toronto native.

Tune in next Tuesday night to see how the dramatic ending of Bachelor in Paradise plays out.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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